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June 13, 2012



Hello, looking a your 'stash' makes me feel less guilty about my small amount! You are very lucky having all that loveliness surrounding you! Hope all the renovations go well :)

My Rosevalley

Can you see me? I am green, like ogre Fiona... What a stash. This job of sorting and organizing must be pure bliss. I am so envious. If you EVER have the thought of selling small FQ bundles of it in your shop I am the first to jump on it. Love love L♥VE all your floral prints... Just to let you know. Good luck with your big reno. job. Sounds like a big adventure. And I can't wait to see what patchwork you will come up with it. Can't fail on that one. It can only be success and love! ♥ Annette ♥

Jane D

Wow sounds like you have a big job on your hands there (not just the renovations!). I have never thought of looking for vintage sheets before but what a brilliant idea - I might have to start trawling our charity (thrift) shops now, all the best, Jane x.


Oh my, what fabulous fabric. It would take me an age to sort it, I'd be spending far too much time stroking it.
Our June is more like October, where is the sunshine? I don't like it hot but a little warmth would be lovely.
Look forward to seeing your new workroom and your patchwork.
Carol xx

krista - Poppyprint

All of those changes sound like they will be great in your place! I love your house. Good luck with the sorting - oh my that is a lot of fabric to get through. Maybe some needs to live at the cottage for summer sewing?!


Oh, so that's why the slim pickings in the vintage sheet department!
Ha ha. (I'm doing a vintage sheet duvet cover at the moment, hoping to summer up my bedroom)
Love, love, love your selection!

From Becky,
fellow Vancouverite, sympathizing with you about the cold and rainy weather.

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Wow! They are simply awesome! I Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for this wonderful post. I hope to see more posts in the future.


What a n incredible stash. I'm so envious.

Where do you find such lovely pieces of fabric?


erica K

Have fun! I imagine that's as exciting as it is daunting. :)

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Janet Bocciardi

Drooling... what a happy place with all those gorgeous flower fabrics!
Just found your blog - love the look and feel!


What a lovely stash! I'm guilty as well but I've been going through mine and taking the fabrics I don't think I'll ever use and making a nice rag rug out of them. It growing slowly since it takes time to strip the fabric and piece it together for crocheting. I lov e the cheerful vintage colors and the crochet edges you did on the pillows. Beautiful!

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