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March 30, 2012



Oh, I am glad you had such a lovely spring break!! Love your special corner! It looks like the best place to crochet! What a sweet vintage bunny fabric! :) xo Heather

Lynn Holland

Hello I got introduced to you through Natasja at Crochetime. Your workspace is adorable, it's so cheery and colourful.
Glad to have found your blog. I will join your band of followers.
One I Made Earlier Today


I just love the colors in your little corner! Bright and cheerful and oh so inviting. Good for you in getting away! Looking forward to the pictures so I can take a virtual vacation ; )


I do love your craft corner. It's so lovely, I'm quite envious. It truly is a perfect corner to dabble in yarny goodness.


I just LOVE your crochet space, I'm so envious! Can't wait to see your holiday photos. x Susan


Your blog is so wonderful and full of spring! Love it!


Your craft space is beautiful a very inspiring place to work. Good luck with your photo sorting, we've just been away and have a similar amount to go through, what a job!


Oh I love your crochet corner. It looks so comfy! I also really - really like your pillow cases and have actually stolen the idea of the crochet edges to make a couple of cushion covers for my own home. Having a blast!


Lovely photo's from your home! Full of inspiration!

Madelief x


How very sweet! I love the idea of decorating your craft room with the colors you most often craft from (as it seems you've done). It makes for a very inspiring place :)


Gosh! Your workspace is absolutley stunning and adorable! I am so envious of your style and panache :-)


Hello sweetie! I am so happy you and your family had a wonderful vacation! I look forward to seeing the photos! Oh, you home is gorgeous!!! I love the corner where you crochet! Such wonderful lighting and every single thing is absolutely gorgeous!!! You are so inspiring and I love how you decorate! It is not only beautiful, but cheerful and happy too! I love all of your yarns as well! Everything is organized perfectly! The pink bunny pillowcase is so adorable! I love it, and the darling book too! xo~ Paula


I meant to write "your" home! xo


What a fabulous space, beautifully decorated.
Carol xx


Oh WOw! A Crafters Dream....

Fabulous Blog!
Congrats on the achievement of Top 30 Mama Bloggers in Vancouver... I too grace the list and feel so honored. Looking forward to meeting all you ladies come the Big DAY... Hope to see you there.

I would love to have you pop by Little Miss Mama and see where I like to call home. I promise the Tea ill be served steaming, along side a "did you see what she was wearing". Don't get me started on the Cupcakes here - they are always served with the PERFECT Cake to Icing ratio! Its pretty peachy over here!


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Verkligen din blogg är mycket intressant .... den innehåller stor och unik information. Jag njöt att besöka din blogg. Det är bara fantastiskt .... Tack så mycket för aktien.

Angela @ Cottage Magpie

Hi Beata!! I did a round-up of craft rooms awhile back and I had included pictures from Pinterest, including one of your studio (the one above). Since Pinterest has changed all my images broke and they only offer small thumbnails now, so I'd like to include the image directly with a link back to you. Is that okay? The post is from January of 2012. Let me know! ~Angela~



finally discovered you thanks to a comment on my tinkeredtreasures page on facebook!

beautiful and inspiring work and images!!!

happy february wishes!


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