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September 14, 2011



I'm so sorry for your sad loss this summer.
Andi x

PS LOVE the chair make-over!!

riitta raitala

I love all of these!!!


Sorry for your loss. Cancer took my nephew away too this summer. The chair looks fabulous. :) Liz


ma che splendido lavoro, complimenti! Come hai fatto????


Very sorry to hear about your mother in law's death. Hope you're all healing.

I love the chair! It's a great choice of fabric, and a great idea!


Hello, I love your chair makeover. I have been given an old green leather chesterfield sofa. The leather is very worn on the seats and your chair has given me an idea on how to resurrect it without replacing all the leather. A question about your chair: did you sew the floral fabric onto the leather before blanket stitching? Or was it just a piece of fabric laid on the leather and then blanket stitched around the edges.
Thanks, Claire ( from Australia)

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka

Hi there!
I love everything you do:)
This is awesome!

Pink mohair

So sorry for you.
I do love the blanket stitch you've done. Lovely


That must have killed your fingers it's so even and neat.


so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother-inlaw, I understand how the last few days and hours are for the family to say goodbye, as I lost my mother-inlaw to liver cancer, she also passed away on her birthday which made it extremely hard for us to cope with. ending on a lighter note I like the chair very much and i have to agree with Sue that must have killed the fingers.


Sorry for your loss.

Love the chair make-over. I always forget to take the before photos!


so sorry for you all, take care,

i love the chair make over xxx

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Sorry for your loss. Cancer took my nephew away too this summer. The chair looks fabulous.

Jean C.

As others have mentioned I too am very sorry for your loss. Cancer has taken some of our family members also. Seems you can't go anywhere without it affecting someone's family/friends.
I come and visit your blog every now and again and just wanted to tell you that your chair make over turned out nicely. You may think this rude (and I really don't mean to be) but I'm afraid that all your hard work with the blanket stitch may be in vain... yarn is a very hardworking thread... we use it on so many things and in so many ways, but I'm afraid that you will find that it will be what will wear out the fastest on your chair make over. It's just not made for that sort of hard work. I wish you luck that it will last a long, long time... but unfortunately it we had a polyester quilt that was quilted with the same weight yarn (same color too for that matter) and after 10 years (which isn't too bad) the yarn just started to pop and fall apart.
The fabric you used sure makes the chair "pop"... it really is cute!

בגדי מעצבים

Great job done by you. I like to do such awesome work. Thanks for sharing this one. Stay up the good work!

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No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.


I loved the idea! And how it turned out!
I'm having the same problem with my chairs: My daughter keeps on pulling the broken leather.

Did you have to disassemble the top part of your chair for this project?

Can I mention this project on my blog? :)

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