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August 04, 2011



That first photo is so beautiful...I would LOVE to lay in that hammock!



beautiful! what a crochet position :o)
enjoy your break (don't think i need to tell you that!)
jooles x


The perfect spot for some craftiness. Enjoy your break - love that vintage crocheting lady image!


It goes without saying ... but enjoy your hammock time and happy hooking! That knit & crochet social sounds like a great event. Happy August! Best wishes, Tammy


What a beautiful blog! Just found you totally by accident. I'm loving your house by the lake - amazing! your adorable crochet pillows and that hammock is calling my name :O) Enjoy the sunshine and the breeze under the trees/ You've got a new follower and I'll be coming back to visit soon x


Your fantastic first picture makes me dream...Je ne suis pas sure que mon anglais soit correct mais je sais que tu parles français!!!Dommage que je ne sois pas à Vancouver le 14!! Bonnes vacances and very happy August with your family!!!

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That knit & crochet social sounds like a great event. Happy September!

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Very, very nicely done!

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Wow.. It's really incredible. I never see such painting in crochet position. Stay up the good work!

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