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June 25, 2011



Oh wow! What an amazing view and how fabulous to have a blank canvas on which to draw both inside and out. I can see you sitting on a rocker on your deck, crochet hook in hand, maybe a nice glass of something chilled to your side, the view spread out before you as the sun goes down - my idea of heaven. Nature is amazingly resilient, isn't it - go rose! Have fun creating your new home and garden x

Miss Holly

Oh my gosh!! How exciting !! Well I'm sure things will grow quickly ... It is pretty green there but I know what you mean about the just kills me to see them go..we have a camp in the adirondacks in upstate N.Y. And we lost a numbe Of huge hemlocks this last makes me is good to see your lovely pillowcases!!! So pretty!!


Oh my goodness your new home looks absolutley beautiful...those views must blow you away.
What a plucky little rose :o)
well done to the pillowcase winners
j x


It looks like heaven...what a beautiful area that Sunshine Coast is. Here in Muskoka we moved into a home 5 years ago with no trees on the 1 acre. It looked so out of place with all the other lots. I have now planted over 100 evergreens. Many were just a foot tall, but now many have grown to over 7 feet. It's starting to look so much greener! You'll be amazed by how quickly it will fill you are right to want to start as soon as possible! Good luck! xo

amanda makes

I can't believe that you're going to live in that gorgeous house with that stunning view! I think I just turned green! xxxx


I would be itching to get planting too! All that soil does look daunting but you'll never have another opportunity like this to get it just right. The house and pillows are GorGeous! Good Luck


Oh, boy! Oh, boy! I WON!!!! I have been coveting your pillowcases forever! Yipee!!!

Your new home looks so incredible; absolutely breathtaking! I love all the details you're adding and the scenery is magnificent!


I love that golden yellow and turquoisey blue together - gorgeous! And your house, the location are absolutely stunning! You are so lucky, what a dream come true.

S x (Cherry Heart)


wow and I thought e had a nice view!!!


Your house is amazing such a beautiful view. You are so lucky good luck with your replanting.

Kathy V.

Thanks for the try for a pillowcase and congrats to the winners! Maybe when you open your Etsy shop I may have to have one of my own!
I'm so envious of your house! I live in AZ where it is brown and dry. Thinking of all that green makes me smile. What a dream home!

liz hackett

Yay, lucky me. Thanks Beata!!

Teresa Kasner

Loved the photos of your house.. where is it located? I live in Oregon and we have areas that look like that. Would love for you to visit my blog too.. Teresa

Kathy MacKie

Your place looks stunning, you must be very excited. Your creative juices will flow nonstop.


I am sure enjoying the pillow case I picked up. It's so beautifully made. Thank you! The new house is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see more pics :)


Congrats on your dream home. It is in a beautiful location. Your crocheted trims are so pretty. They certainly take something simple and turn it into something sensational. Have a great day! Tammy


Amazing pictures shared by you! I like the border of cloth with crochet design and pattern. It's looking very nice.

Squiggly Rainbow

Your home is looking beautiful! Where in BC is this? We are looking at building for a 3rd time - I just love North American archictecture - who designed this home? xx Rach

sue vandee

love the Jeld Wen windows pillowcases are cool too

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