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June 16, 2011



I love love love your pillowcases, and if I were half the crafter you are I'd make one for myself. But since I'm not, that aqua floral should do the trick;)

Sarah Gough

I LOVE the aqua one, second down in the pile, the fabric and trim style are gorgeous! Congrats on your news!


Yes! I´m definitely in! =)
I love all of your creations but if i only have to choose one, i think that the second from the top (turquoise with flowers) would be my favorite.


My fave is the turquoise with green trim. Congrats on being featured in a book! So exciting and well-deserved.


Well how impossible is that! Choose a favourite...........hmmm well if pushed I have to say the second pillowcase form the top would be my choice, just a lovely fresh colour combination especially the little edging which reminds me of clouds! :o)


Love the top on.
I'm a pink girl through and through.
Andi xx


Any that have a green base would be so wonderful!!

Ana Burmester Baptista

Your pillow cases are sooo beautiful! any of the 2 first ones in the pictures will do!! :)

amanda makes

Ho Beata! What fantastic news! Well done. I would adore to have one of your pillowcases. I've tried making my own using old ones I already had, but they just don't have the colourful zing that I love about yours. Trying to choose a favourite is like mission impossible! I can't do it. I love all of them! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Jessie Fincham

I'm in LOVE with all your pillow cases, but I would have to choose the top one (pink floral, with pink crochet trim). Best of luck with your house move, it really does look like a dream home!! xx

Maria João

I love the first one, in pink! I have two girls, and I'm addicted to pink! :))

Thank you!


love them all. I would choose one in pink or blue :)


oh my goodness they are all so beautiful..but i think my fave is the pink and white one at the top in the above photo
thank you so much for this chance
can't wait for a house update :o)
j x

Debbie vdS

All so very beautiful- my favourite is the third one down with the lime green edging!


I love your creations but if I had to choose one the second from top is my favourite too. If I was lucky enough to be drawn from the hat would you mind giving it instead to my dear friend that introduced me to your blog. She, like you, is inspirational.

La Crapaudine

I do enjoy your work, i try ! i wish i win !


Count me in please!!
I love the third from the top with the lime green trim!


Ooooh love them all, but my favourite is the turquoise with roses on....second from top. You cannot be sad or mad or down with a colour like that! Truly beautiful! x


I would love the blue and green one that is second from bottom. My daughter wants her room to be painted blue as she has totally gone off pink now that she is nearly 11!

Petit Filoux

I always think they look wonderful together, it's so hard to pick a favourite! I do very much like French Rose, maybe it's a coincidence!
Don't worry about not blogging much, I find that whenever you do, it's so lovely and colourful, it more than makes up for it!

nina - tabiboo

Wow - they are all so pretty and vibrant.

I think if I had to choose one favourite though it would have to be the second one down (from the top) blue with red posies - just gorgeous.

They are all so very pretty though.

Nina x


Ah, I have to give this one a try too... The second one from the top for me please. Turqoise and flowers, it's just perfect! :)

Your life is full of wonderful other things that need your attention now. Being crafty and taking beautiful shots of it will come around when time is there. I'll be here whenever that is! :)


I love all of them but if I had to pick just one...the green one, second from the bottom.


Love the pillowcases! Do I really need to make a choice, can't you choose for me? :)
OK, then I will go for the pink one. My house has a touch of pink every where...


These are all so beautiful! My favorite is the turquoise-bluish one, the second from the top... :)
(June 23 I am on the Adria, hope to follow you there too!) :)

Clara Jung

They are all so beautiful! I would love any one of them maybe the top two might be my favorite right now!


Oh wow how generous a give away! I have to say I adore them all but my favourite is the turquoise blue one second from the top in the photo above. It is just stunning and it's all my favourite colours. I did chuckle a little because I have a top in the fabric of the pillowcase below that one and I have been thinking about edging it with crochet for a while.


Hi. I have to say it would have to be the top one as it seemed to 'jump' out of the page at me! It would also go perfectly with my handmade duvet set which is all different fabrics with a pinky floral theme. Thank you charity shops for mismatched items....


Holy Cow!...this is what I get for living at the other end of the country...waking up to a new post and all these comments. So much love for you and your pillowcases! How do you pick a favorite? Second from the top would look lovely in Emma's room...forth from the bottom goes with Elsie's...
You know how hard it is impossible to pick a favorite daughter! lol xo Have a great weekend!

liz hackett

I have read your blog for a long time and just love your style. Congrats on the news!! Of course I love them all but to pick would be the top one in the Flickr photo or those great green polka dots on erstwhile:). I cant decide!!


These are beautiful! I'd love any of them, but I love the turquoise with pink flowers (second from top) or the pink & white (top) with pink trim. What a nice prize for the lucky winners.


Oh the very popular turquoise second from the top one, so pretty!


Do I really have to pick my favorite? They are all glorious!!! I'd be lucky to get any one of them! Thanks for the chance!


Oh picking is so hard! I think I love the liberty-esque print with green trim best or the one on top of that maybe.......oh it is so hard to decide!


I love the 3rd one down with the green border. Super cute!


Oh my goodnes they are all delightful! We are going to redecorate my 10 yr old little girl's room and think the pink on top would be a perfect starting point! Although really we had a hard time picking a favorite!


They are all so gorgeous I can't pick a favourite so I will leave it up to you to choose if I win. (yes, I just took the easy way out!)

birdie blue

they're all so pretty! but, i'm especially fond of the turquoise one with the ditsy roses.

i'm anxious to find out how construction is going on your dream cottage. i'm sure it's zipping right along.

sweet of you to do a give-away. i'm so crossing my fingers.



I love the second one from the top, they are all so pretty!


Well, I love them all, but my favorite is the blue with the roses on it! Seeing these reminds me I want to make some time to work on sewing and crocheting to pretty up my house this summer!


Oh I love S. Lake's books -- how exciting for your beautiful work to be featured in the newest one!
I love all your pillowcases, but let me see . . . maybe the bottom one in the photo above. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity, and best of luck with you ever growing business!

Jackie Pacitti

I love your pillow cases! I got one in the mail last week..the blue with pink/red flowers. I will add to it when possible. Winning one would be sweet too:)


All of your pillowcases are so beautiful! The top pink one is my favorite-I'm into pink lately! Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely prize.


They all look so lovely. I would have to say the top one. I am a pink girl. I don't have a blog so my email is [email protected]
thanks for a great giveaway.


Your pillow cases are so beautiful! I'd be happy with any them, thank you for the chance to win one.

Laura Jane

CONGRATULATIONS on the FEATURE in the book HOMESPUN STYLE...NEXT I expect to see you in MOLLY MAKES!!! Your creations are SCRUMPTIOUS!
Oh a chance to win one of these LOVELIES just makes my heart sing!!
Thanks for the up-date.

Laura Jane


Your olive greenish pillow on the bottom of the chair with pink flowers and pink trim.


so here's the thing - i've been wanting to buy a few of your pillowcases for about ayear but cannot for the life of me decide which ones because i love them all! seriously! i want them all piled around my house. so i would take any that you pick. love love and congrats on being a part of the book!


Wow! Congrats! That's exciting news! As for yor pillows i pretty much love them alll but i have a soft spot for the Lemon Blush combo. I also love the turquoise with the pink roses in the princess pea set, (second from the top in the close up pic) particularly love the crochet trim on that one! Ps I keep checking back for a house update, what a dream spot!


Oh wow! Beautiful!!! I would Love to have any one of these! I particularly love the aqua one, second from the top, but I also love the pink one on the top and the lime trimmed one, third from the top. They are all so lovely! I love them all. Thaks for the giveway. Love your site!

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