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May 28, 2011



So pretty! What a glorious stack!


Definitely, Sweet Dreams ! ! !


ohhhhhhhh this is sweet sanctimonous bliss. i cant think of anything better..LOVELOVELOVE. XXXX


Beautiful, gorgeous pillowcases! I love them all!

Hugs XX


Oh my, they are just beautiful!!!!

My Rosevalley

"You take my breath awaaaaaaaay" (lyrics from Top Gun... Can you hear me sing it?) Spot on! Beautiful.

Amy Caroline

glorious! So pretty!

Miss Holly

What an eye for color you have..everything you do draws me right in!!

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Sweet sanctimonious bliss. Gorgeous pillowcases!


hello, I've just popped into your blog for the first time, what lovely pictures and colours. I'm going to make a brew and settle down for a proper read. really lovely


Your pillow cases are absolutely beautiful! It is though you have captured the essence of Summer.

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Hi, I love your blog and I've just nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Details on my blog.

S x

Sara S

Just beautiful, your work is an inspiration. I love your pattern for the flower squares too - I made a little blanket as a christening gift for my Goddaughter, so thank you!


So beautiful... as always

lavendar resolve

absolutely beautiful!!!


Absoulutely beautiful! What glorious colors!!

Beth Whiting

Those are beautiful pillowcases

Piper Patrick

I could look at your beautiful handiwork all day...totally gorgeous!

Hanna Potts

your pillowcases are gorgeous and the fabric is beautiful! x

cross stitch kits

love all the colourful pillowcases! they are absolutely gorgeous!


That's such a perfect Princess and the Pea pile!


I love these pillowcases!! and your blog is lovely too....



i just popped over from selina lake's blog and am adoring your brilliant colors and fabrics ... and i don't even sew or crochet!

off to pop about s'more.



I love them, but I think my fav is the aqua one!!


ooh they are so pretty.I love the green one with pink trim. My daughter would look so sweet sleeping on any of these lovelies :O)


Gorgeous, really! How I would a whole pile of these spread over my bed.


Oh wow, what beautiful pillowcases! The photo makes me wish I had a pile of them stacked on my bed right now! :)

Custom Seamstress, Alterations

Those are so beautiful! I love all the colors!

Feel free to visit my blog!


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Adorable! I like it all. I specially like borders of all with amazing pattern and beautiful colors.

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well this blog is great i love reading your articles.


These are so cute! I love the patterns and colors you picked.

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