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May 19, 2011


Petit Filoux

What a lovely and cheerful photo! Glad to hear you finally got some nice weather, we could do with a bit of rain here in London! We've barely had any for a month and a half now!


Lovely pictures, they give me hope that the sun will shine one day. We are still under the rain here in Quebec, and the lilacs have a long way to go before blooming. The tulips are only beginning to show their colors in my yard. Your pillowcases are gorgeous as always, and the sun really suits them!


So pretty...I love them all. I couldn't choose just one!


Magnificent !!! your pillows are absolutely adorable and the pictures with the lilacs simply stunning. can almost smell the flowers. we, in Québec experienced a very wet and cold spring as well. My lilac is not even in bloom yet. And normally, at this time of year, the lilacs are showing their true beauty.
wishing you a happy week end

Jodi Anderson

Your pillow cases and crochet work is absolutely glorious. I love the colors too.

My lilacs are bursting right now, which is pretty much on schedule for our neck of the woods (Wisconsin). I wish that I could bottle that smell.


Beautiful! I just want to step into that collage and walk around.


What beautiful photos!! I love lilacs too xx


Your fabrics are beautiful!! Where do you get such awesome fabric?

Angélica Barreto

I've been following your blog for a short time, and I really like it.
Gorgeous pictures! The pillowcases match the flowers, or it's the opposite?! Anyway, everything seems to look very nice and the spring is a glorious time of the year. We feel with more energy everyday, even if it's raining or still a little cold.
Here where I live (Sao Paulo, Brazil), we are going through the opposite. Now we have the fall season, and it's very humid and cold. But, of course, the winter time it's not like over there!
I miss Vancouver. I have great memories of there.
Take care and have a nice weekend.

Miss Holly

Have missed seeing you...the pictures are just heavenly...I'd like to print and frame the whole thing!!!!


Gorgeous pretty cheerful photos! I love your lilacs and your beautiful pillowcases!
Rachel x


What a happy, colorful collage. I think your pillowcases give the lilacs a run for their money!

Piper Patrick

My goodness, how gorgeous!! You are so talented. My mom lives in North Washington State and has been telling me about all the rain they've been getting. (I wish a little would make it's way down here to relieve the drought here in Texas!) I bet your lilacs are stunning.

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The pictures are just heavenly. I love your lilacs and your beautiful pillowcases! I love lilacs too.

Michele Andrade

It's a wonderful photo.
I love this blog. Congratulations.

Chriss Johns

Your pillow cases and edges are beautiful...lilacs are one of the first things to bloom here in the central everything about lilacs except that they don't last long enough! Thanks for sharing.


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