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May 04, 2011


Naomi Newton

What beautiful colours...a very special birthday present. xx


it is just gorgeous, i bet she will treasure it
j x


Very pretty colors.. I love it! Happy birthday to Nico!

Petit Filoux

It looks lovely from here, I'm not surprised she loved it!
Spring has been amazing here in the UK, which I'm a little worried about because that usually means we don't get a proper summer!


Love it! Beautiful! :)


What's not to love about it? It's beautiful. No wonder she loved it!


hello there..loving these happy pinks and reds. and the ribbons! just lovely. all in your stash? incredible! xo


What a positively cheerful blanket- perfect gift for her birthday! <3


I adore the eyepopping colors! So sweet!


The colours you have chosen are gorgeous, remind me of jars of sweets ~ bright, zingy and eye catching. A lovely gift indeed!

Love Julia x

 Jean C.

I used to work at a fabric store and some of the women working there said things like your fabric cutter... I could never quite figure out why they would do that! Seems to me that if we all liked the same fabric's all of our items would be exactley the same and pretty boring if the truth be told! Yeah for difference... or as the French would say.... Viva La Difference!!!
On top of the lovely color/fabric that you used for the blanket for your daughter... ahem..... mom made it just for her! What's not to love? My daughters/and one son have things I've made for them... just cause I made it!


Hi, the blanket looks amazing. Can you post a larger picture of it?

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Your blanket is just sooo pretty. After I get better at crocheting, teaching myself to sew alot better then I can now is on my agenda. There are so many things I want to make. Your blog is a great inspiration!!

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