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April 07, 2011



It's stunning, can't wait to see more! Happy days!

Anna x

Petit Filoux

That is incredible!! Looks amazing, you are so very lucky!!!


wow, green with envy. FaN-tAs-Tic


Oh... So... BEAUTIFUL!!!
Will it ever be available for renting? Just two weeks??? Please??? *Begging on my knees*
Wishing you lots of wonderful Summers in the new cottage. Can't wait to see more photos! The surroundings are the best!!! :)


So breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your exciting adventure. I can't wait to hear more. Enjoy every moment!


So happy for you and the you might recall, we have a special place to get away from it all as well. I cherish it. I can only imagine what you'll do with this wonderful cottage....yes!! please, please DO share!!! What an amazing spot!! xo

birdie blue

your cottage looks absolutely beautiful, and that setting...w o w! i'd love to read more about it, and hear all of the details. i'm so happy you were able to realize a dream. well done, you.

have a lovely weekend.


Congrats! What a beautiful area to build in. Thanks for sharing!

Karin @ Quilt Frenzy

I. Am. So. Jealous. Lucky dog!

krista - Poppyprint

wow, congratulations! I wondered what you guys have been up to! This is super exciting and the site looks amazing. Email and tell me where it is! Enjoy the process - I can't wait to see it all Beata-ful.


Oh my goodness... look at that view! Congratulations! We bought a property just north of Ontario's Muskoka area this past summer and plan to build once the land is paid off... so in about 15 years... sigh. I look forward to following your cottage journey! As well as your cafting as always.


How exciting, and oh what gorgeous views you have! I am sure it will be a perfect place to make many lovely memories with your family!


Congratulations! How exciting!


Congrats, Beata! The view is just hermosa y fantastica.I'd love to read everything about it. My family and I are so excited about moving to Van this Summer for good. We have to find a new home very soon; something affordable.I'm so happy for you and your family.
Thanks for sharing!
Gloria X


Congratulations! It looks fantastic. Can I come and visit you....:-) Enjoy your weekend.

The Muse of The Day

Fabulous, no... FABULOUS.
This cottage, in the scheme of things, is way more valuable to your kids than anything else you could do. It will give them, like your parents gave you, a sense of tradition, family, and comfort. Carolina


Congratulations! That's so very exciting! Think of all the beautiful pillowcases that will be made looking out over the lake!

Your old neighbour Monique from that old cottage :)

Congrats Beata.
I remember those summer well.. endless searches for mushrooms, bike rides throughout the lots around, the wonderful lake. Happy your kids will enjoy these wonders. The place and the view are gorgeous !

sarah-jane down the lane

How brilliant? It looks staggeringly beautiful, and wont it be just fantastic when it's all done! Your children will treasure it, and the memories of the build will be fantastic too!

Sarah x


How wonderful! Keep the picture coming!

Aussie Maria

How beautiful! With views like that I would be there permanently. Love to see more progress and living in photos


That is wonderful news and it looks so very special! Congratulations and I wish you many happy times there.


Wow! Absolutely stunning. That's so very exciting and I look forward to seeing its progress and decorating!


Wow! That's truly a dream coming true. Wonderful. Can't wait to see the indoor pictures when done. Lucky girl you are.


How exciting and wonderful! Can't wait to see more!
Rachel x

erica k

Wow! Dreamy indeed! You'll have so much fun setting up and decorating for sure!


This is absolutely breathtaking! I want to leave Finland and move there now! Gosh. I´m so jealous, and of course happy for you at the same time. :) I´m sure it will be amazing when it´s done!

Tallulah Maggs

Goodness, I am so excited for you! It is an incredibly beautiful location and most perfect wee house. I can't wait to see it filled with light, colour and whimsy, such is your style. How wonderful for you and your family!


What a fabulous view. And this is much more than a cottage, it's huge! Please ontinue to share the dream with us, I'd love to hear and see more of it!


Amazing! I am in LOVE with your house.....and the view! Congrats!


Oh will be so wonderful (:) hugs,p

sheila sanderson

I tlooks gorgeous & the
Hope you all have many years of enjoyment at it

sewa mobil

Very beautiful..


Thanks for sharing this wonderful dream.




WOW this is so great. I spend one summer in a cottage on PEI and if I close my eyes i am there again. Great memories. So this must be so great for you and your family, enjoy every minute it looks fantastic.


What a lovely gift to your kids. I hope you are keeping that window seat on the landing!!


Beautiful! You are so lucky, it looks like a dream come true.

S x


Sorry to double comment at ya! Just wanted to say, I'm adding a link to your site on my blog. Is that ok?

S x (Cherry Heart)


It looks wonderful, I can almost smell the wood!Is-there something better in life that a dream becoming real? Génial!!


It's going to be so beautiful! I'm so happy for you!


Ahhh that cottage is dreamy!

Maison Cara de Papel


do you mind if i knit

I'm soooo looking forward to sharing your journey with your BEAUTIFUL house! It's absolutely GORGEOUS! What an amazing spot, it's going to be idyllic. Very exciting! Love Vanessa xxx


Just stopping by to say I'm sooo excited for you to have your dream come true! This is going to be exquisite! Breathtaking views, and such a gorgeous place. (my husband grew up here, and we used to live here!) Miss it! We live in a pretty place now, though.....anyhow, congratulations, and the fun is just beginning, as you get to decorate and make it your own! Have fun!


Pearl Maple

Congratulations, a truely beautiful place to enjoy with your family

Sue Joyce

Oh my, this looks like it's near where my family had a summer place. I so long for those days and wish it had been kept by my grandparents rather than sold. We had an island which was on Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island, not sure how close yours is. We make it up there 2 years ago, my father wanted his ashes buried there as it was one of his most happiest places on the planet, so beautiful. May you enjoy this for generations to come! I'll be dreaming of it here in England! Blessings!


olá adorei seus trabalhos,são realmente muito lindos...agora esse local onde mostrastes nas fotos completaram a beleza do seu blog...deve ser o paraiso...bjos...

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