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February 01, 2011



Beautiful cases, can't wait to see some more. In theory I am glad it's February, but we are now having the coldest weather we have had all year. Brrrrrr.


ohhhhh spring can't come soon enough!!....keep stichin'...your pillow cases brighten my day!

Crafty Mermaid

Great colour combos!


I know you're feeling the winter blues, but everytime I look at your blog, it makes me happy. All the fabrics are lovely and make me want to sew something new. Thanks for the inspiration!

Claire Boynton

It's cold and grey here in Yorkshire and WINDY. I'm in a funny mood - like children and cats, high winds make me skittish.

Your colours rock, though.

Erica K

Nice to see you're feeling cheery! I am as well. We had sun yesterday, and my daffodils are popping out of the ground (only to get frozen I'm sure, but all the same...). It makes me excited for March/April! (I'm not much into summer) Have fun stitching!

Patty Boyd

I am SO welcoming February in -- that means we are that much closer to spring! My neighbor said her daffodils are beginning to pop through the dirt. I don't think mine are there yet. I thought it was way to early for daffodils.We've had so much snow and more expected in the next few days. I'm ready for green grass and warm air in Tennessee please.


I love your photos :) Oh my...I hope February brings some bulbs popping through the soil - I live in the Northeast U.S. and we have sooooo much snow on the ground right now...I would LOVE to see a crocus or a leaf bud :)
Smiles, DianeM

Paisley and Lace

Just found your blog. Very very lovely.

Beautiful blog a real inspiration, thank you

jedia soriano

I found your blog whilst trawling through Ravelry for a granny square pattern and I'm just completely smitten with it! I'm so inspired by all the beautiful pictures, the colours, patterns, projects... everything! I'll be using your crochet flower pattern that you posted aeons ago to make a hot water bottle cover for my mum's birthday. Thanks!

The Muse of The Day

So beautiful - a perfect perfect post to brighten the grey day outside my window. Carolina

John Rambo

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Yes, January was a long month here in Alabama too. But July is usually even longer with our hot, humid days. I prefer the cold to the hot. I love your blog by the way!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Sena Garrett

Oooh, I'd like to see the finished pillowcases! Very nice, I can tell.

A homespun year

I'm so relieved that we're into February...spring really is on the way. It makes me feel much more energised and ready to get going...sewing, digging, planting, loads of projects all waiting.
Can't wait to see your pillowcases.

maria cecilia

You have made my day a very sweet one!!! So much beauty in your blog.


Gorgeous colors!!!!!

Denise Neilson

Nice to see you Sunday! Are you free on Friday evening to look at fabric?


What's the spacing when stitching your base line????

Mary Memmer

What size yarn do you use? I don't see that anywhere?

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