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January 17, 2011



Gorgeous fabrics. That slow start rings a bell with me. January is a tough one. :)

Petit Filoux

So colourful as always!


Yes, January is a funny old month!But you make it so pretty with all those gorgeous fabrics!
Rachel x


What a lovely splash of summeriness and colour to brighten a dark month. Thank you... that nest of fabrics looks cosy enough to snuggle down into.


well it is snowing here again in muskoka....makes me want to crawl into that beautiful pile of candy colored fabric and stay a while. january will be over before you know it!


What a beautiful, colorful January post! I hope your slump passes soon -- although, from the looks of your photos, not much slumping is going on there! It's cold and rainy here today too, and like you, I'd be happy with just a ton of snow!

amanda makes

I know exactly what you mean...I've hardly made anything or done anything since Christmas. However during the last couple of days I'm feeling a little stirring of energy! I'll bottle some up and send it your way if you like. Your fabrics are very beautiful. makes me want to roll around on them! xxxx


I feel very cheered looking at these beautiful colors!


What gorgeous fabrics, those would defo pick me up. It's cold, dreary and wet in England too at the mo, so I'd love to hibernate as well.

Teacups and Tiskets

Well, your photos certainly look bright and cheery, and non-slumpy! Lovely.

And dont worry, January never really starts for me until February.....



we had the snow and now the rain.....but these colours just chase it all away....lovely


These pictures are scrumptious!


It's a long old month january! your lovely pillowcases certainly made me feel brighter though :o)


Thanks for posting these colourful photos. I have a half-finished bright blue and yellow quilt in my closet- I think now might be the perfect time to pull it out and finish it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Erica K

I see you feel the same way I do! :) I'm trying so hard to snap out of it! I too could use a little bit of wintery white! But as used to a white winter as I am, I'm also used to road crews that know how to handle it, and people who know how to drive in it's a toss. :)

Your pictures and fabrics are beautiful, as always. Have fun with them!

A homespun year

I know what you mean about January...such a dull month. I've been making lemon marmalade to try and get motivated again...the smell of lemons was lovely.
And your bright pillow cases are lovely to look at!


Happy New Year, Beata! I love your riot of colour...


Oohh...I found your beautiful blog and I love it so much!! Great!
ciao Monica


Thank you for brightening my very dull and stressful (daughter's illness) January. Your fabrics and trimmings are so delightful and inspiring. I will def check out your etsy shop.

Patty Boyd

The photos are such a beautiful burst of color in this dull month of January. As always you give me such inspiration!


What do you have lots of nice fabrics! Its no mess, its pure art!


Your photos are as usual so full of colour and show such beautiful fabrics - always uplifting and inspiring! I was inspired to crochet a pillowcase frill on a vintage pillowcase thanks to your blog and it turned out so pretty - Thank you!


The wind has been howling around our old house here in Cambridgeshire UK...the colours of your blog as so beautiful, thank you for cheering up the seemingly endless dull winter

Inger Carina

Your color palette is sooo wonderful! It lights up the day here in winter cold Sweden! :)
Kind regards
Inger Cairna

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