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September 29, 2010



Thanks for sharing all the great decor mags. They definitely have a fresh, real-life unmatchiness quality. I'm inspired!


oooh!! Having just moved to Amsterdam (from Montreal) this year, I'm really enjoying hearing about the things you discovered. I've been treating myself to the occasional British Country Living, but I'll have to go find some of the Dutch interiors magazines too!


don't know if you got my email asking if I could put a translation in dutch of your tutorial for the 'crochet flower square pattern' on my blog. Since I didn't get an answer, I'm asking you this way. is my blog, you can leave a message there if you want to.
I know those dutch magazines you're talking about of course, they're great indeed.


I LOVE sofa's and chairs covered in patchwork - I have wanted to do my own for years, I have the arm chair ready, the wool blankets in glorious shades, and no confidence to get on with it and have a go!!!!

Lovely pic's - thanks for sharing!

Into Vintage

Beautiful! I especially love that second photo of the nook with the big buck draped across the back of the sofa. I agree with you about the matchy-matchy too -- these photos are wonderful -- than you for sharing.


A post brimming with gorgeousness, thank you from down here in Melbourne, Australia

ps May I link to this post for my readers later this week?


I think Lantliv is Swedish as it translates to 'country' and 'life'. I agree, it's a lovely mag and subscribe :)


how fun to see my favorite Dutch magazines here :D

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