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July 19, 2010


permanent magenta

Thanks for this beautiful quilt like collage!! After seeing your website a few days ago I now have a quilting bug nibbling at me. happy Holidays.

The Muse of The Day

We all need time off, even if we come home exhausted our eyes need to see things in a new way. Enjoy.


hmmm...eastbound could mean just about anywhere for you! have a lovely holiday!

Erica K

Gorgeous! Hope you have a fun and safe trip!


Happy hollydays with colors Beata!

maria cecilia

Hola Beata, you have the most wonderful fabric creations I have seen. I don´t know about sewing but I have been so attracted and in love with each and every piece you create, all so colorful that I loved absolutely instantly. I have to show your blog to some friend who sew and crochet and I know they will get crazy about your creativity and wonderful pictures of your work.
I´m so, so happy to have found you, I think from Susan´s Brown blog.... and both of you are so, soooo talented and gifted.
Greetings from Chile,
maria cecilia


So pretty Beata! Your beautiful signature color palette. You sure do have a special way with fabric and crochet! What a nice visit, thanks for the special treat before you leave for vacation! Hope you are having a wonderful time.


A lovely breath of fresh air! Just came across your blog. So happy to see Vancouverites doing well! Love supporting local talent. Well done.


gorgeous summery colors, so fresh and vibrant!


I adore your pictures. So pretty!

Nahuatl Vargas

Love the collage.


Sitting here in Australia your blog made me feel so happy. It is a beautiful place to visit : )

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