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July 02, 2010



These are really beautiful.
I'm a girl who loves colour, any time of the month.
So I especially love the very brightly coloured one but I think they are both stunning!
Andi :-)

amanda makes

Ooooh I feel like i've just had a big tangy glass of fresh orange! Your colours as always are just stunning! Lots of love and thanks for my wake up! Amanda xxx

The Muse of The Day

When I was in my twenties I had very Chic friends who were from the north of Spain and wore only shades of black, grey, tan, and white all accented with terrific leather bags and boots. These girls were such fun and they ALWAYS looked so put together that I took note on their style sense and emulated them for many years. And then one day I grew up and all the colors of my childhood came flooding back to me. I now am comfortable, both on me and in my home, with both sober colors and shots of glorious color like your bright coverlet. Both the coverlets turned out great, your eye is spot on.


Oooh, they're gorgeous Beata. The first quilt I made was simple squares and it's still my fave design.
Hen x


Love the blanket on the left a lot, it´s not too bright as you think, it´s absolutely wonderful. Exactly what I would love to have in the shade under my apple tree, now that the summer finally arrived here. Hope it will come to you soon, too, and I am sure you will fall in love with this happy blanket again. It´s so charming with the ricrac and the cotton chenille and all those colourful flowers. Love, love, love it. (And I so much wish I would have such beautiful fabrics, too, to give such a blanket a try)
Have a lovely time,


Your work is always so pretty and fun. They look perfect for picnicking! I find it not at all surprising that you pieced the super colourful one in the depths of winter. I once painted a wall in a shocking shade of spring green in the winter because I was so desperate for a bit of colour.


Simply elegant!


They are gorgeous! It's good to hear from you.


Very lovely! What a cute, simple idea for finishing the edges. And chenille for the backing! Wonderful idea!

Melissa Stramel

Wow our school year ends mid-May. Such a difference, huh? I love the blankets and don't think the one is too bright. Love not quilting them too. So pretty.


These are simply delightful. I am convinced one can never have too much color. My mother says my drive for lots of white and punches of color is the sign of menopause. Whatever. :) I am not as brave with color as I would like to be; although I did just order a new Gecko. What was I thinking? It will take until the end of the season to get here, so I hope there will be no regrets! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


They are absolutely gorgeous, I really love the bright one especially. I like the extra touch of ric rac, very pretty.


Stunning as usual...

And never too bright for Vancouver...

YOU must have brought on the sun...

Enjoy your weekend...

Erica K

The weather has been crazy, hasn't it? I don't mind the temps, but some sun might be nice...

I absolutely love your blankets! Love, love, love...


Lovely and cheerful - as usual!


Lovely! For a year I've been planning on making my first patchwork blanket and still not gotten to the business. But seeing your beautiful work really inspires me. And sure, sometimes we crave more colours than other days. I feel that after a colour busy period I crave cool, calm patterns and colours... To slow down the "hysteria" that colours sometimes can develope in me. I really admire your work. Fantastic. ANd I am amazed by how well you mix the patterns, styles and colours in your different fabrics... I find that to be the hardest part when I dream... Like is there any guide lines really?


Such gorgeous blankets, I love the brightly colored one. You've got a great eye for matching colors and patterns, and making them into blankets instead of traditional quilts is a great idea, I think I might just do the same sometime.


these are amazing quilts :)
the colors are breath taking. what is the magenta, orange and yellow fabric? is it vintage?


Thanks for your nice blog.

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