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June 11, 2010



That is great! What a surprise! It is lovely. I see you mix and match pretty much any colours and patterns and yes, everything with flowers, vintage, pretty, 70's and modern.

I am planning my first quilt and I am having a very hard time choosing the fabric och knowing where to start. All books seem to be about advance quilting, I only want to make simple squares...

I love your quilts, maybe I pick up on your style and just pick any fabric that I love and make it happen instead of trying so hard to get it "right". Because what is right, anyway? Love your work. Love them.

Petit Filoux

Lucky ladies!! That patchwork blanket is beautiful, you must be so proud!

The Muse of The Day

Your patchwork quilt looks just perfect in the room they chose. If it was my quilt in a magazine and it had been stacked with a bunch of other quilts I would have been thrilled, but to see it all spread out and the center of attention ... you must be over the moon!

amanda makes

Well done ladies! I'm green with envy! What fun to find a piece of your work in a mag! Looks gorgeous. I'm so in love with your colour choices! Much love, Amanda xxx


Congrats to the winners. It was such a generous offer on your part. Congrats on the photo too. How cool is that!


Beata,that is fantastic!!! Did they give you credit in the magazine? I'll have to pick up a copy. Congratulations!!

I'm off now to day 2 of our quilt show at Delbrook. It is so amazing...250 quilts! Can you make it over today? It would be so nice to see you...I'll be there until 1:00.

Jessie Lathroum

Oh YAYAYAYAY!!! I'm really excited that I won Beata! Thank you SO much! I am going to start working on a quilt as soon as I receive them! I am always so inspired by your color combinations and beautiful patterns! Thanks again!

And congrats on your coverlet picture! How exciting to see it in a magazine. It looks beautiful. I hope to have a little girl with a room like that someday. :)


Oh WOW!!!! I am sooooooo chuffed. You have made my day.

Thank you x



Dear Rosehip, *)*
I smiled when I checked to see who won your giveaway and then looked at their blogs. Wonderful choices! What I got out of all of this is that there are others like me, with full time jobs, but passion for fabric/crafts and art. I am so out of the league of your fellow bloggers but will continue to be a full time professional and part time art wannabe. Thank you for the inspiration. I will continue to visit your blog for inspiration for my artsy side and especially for the girly ways you use fabric! Congratulations to the winners! Their blogs were wonderful too.


That's amazing that you found your quilt in that mag!


That's so funny!Your work is so beautiful, may be you could write to the Magazine to show your work and your blog...

Erica K

That's awesome!

I would totally buy a set of your squares! In fact, I went to your etsy page immediately after I saw that I didn't win, just in case! ;D

The Cuckoo

Oh my goodness! That must feel amazing, to not only have your work featured so beautifully in a magazine but to have a friend instantly recognise it as yours, to have a style so "Rosehip" that it was reported straight back to you. Fantastic! really great. I have a little blog, very new, you're in my favourite blog list and the next post (in draft form right now) has a link back to you (not that I currently have any readers, at least none that take time to leave a day...hopefully, one day!) I just love what you do. I too would buy fabric squares from you, would you post to England? xxx


YOU should toot your own horn...

And this is more evidence that your designs stand the test of time...

Excellent work...


I have that magazine and I remember pointing the picture out to one of my quilty friends and saying, Isn't that quilt adorable. Congrats

Melissa Stramel

Hello Beata. I nominated you for some blog awards which you are free to not accept. But if you want to, see the details on my blog.


Quels magnifiques tissus!!

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