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May 20, 2010


Erica K

It's hard for me to believe you about your home! :D lol Your pictures are amazing, and your work is amazing too...but at the same time, I know how you feel. Unfortunately for me, being lazy and unproductive also throws a wrench in things. :) I think working a little at a time is an excellent idea!

The dolls are time I go to Vancouver I would love if you'd give me a list of must-see shops! :)


Hi, is true

these dolls are Portuguese and typical of a region called Nazare, although the costumes were formerly in dark fabrics, some in black
This latest version is really cute!!
You can see more information about them on the site of the chamber of the city and obviously translates!
worn by women of the sea, in the typical costume they wear seven skirts
Have a look here to see the full story
I hope you enjoy to know about


I recognize the dolls!!! Yes they are from Portugal!! Love them!!!
And I totally agree with you, we have to prioritize! And a mensal to do list is a good idea!!!
Have a nice day!

ANja Bout

Hi Beata,

I received the cushion! They are wunderfull together. Thx
And about your home, I know what you feel :)

Enjoy your day
(pictures come later, lot to do :))

sandra henderson

I totally believe this!~I had an upholstery/drapery workroom for 15 years and was like this. I STILL need blackout curtains on my studio french doors and have a sheet hanging. Yes, it's so true. Try not to feel badly about it. I use to call it the same thing... (shomaker syndrome) still do. :)
great idea though! We have the one flower wed. group and it is making me make flowers faster than ever. Something I otherwise would not have done.. :)


There is always something that needs doing more urgently!
Tis the sign of a true crafter to have an unfinished house.


Mama Holli

Linking you up on my blog today! Loving the colors on your post...makes me all happy and perky inside!
Mama Holli

The Cuckoo

Your blog should come with a warning. I found you in March and had to go right back to the begining and read the whole thing. No one got fed, nothing got cleaned and despite wails from my little family I couldn't drag myself away.

I too (like the commenter above) have just popped you in my sidebar, my blog is very new and needs filling up so there's really very little to see right now but maybe oneday you'll take a look and hopefully (fingers crossed) you'll like what you see.

I L:O:V:E your crochet stuff. Oh my word how I want to live in a world full of crochet like yours but my husband would leg it!

Gayna x x

sinav sonuclari

Linking you up on my blog today! Loving the colors on your post


Those are just beyond beautiful! I remember that my mom had a beautiful doll collection when I was little and she put it up in my bedroom. There was a lovely flamenco dancer and a fantastic porceline bride, but I guess they got lost when we moved cross country because I never saw them again. I've been curious about trying to repaint dolls, I might just try to make some cute ones in cobbled clothes for my little Girlish.

 Jean C.

I too have a way of starting a project and then getting carried away by something else!
But, if you decide that it's one room at a time and one project at a time... it's not quite so overwhelming! My sewing fabric stash gets overwhelming too... so many projects sooo little time and I still have to be able to get into the sewing room to start anything right? LoL.... have fun! Enjoy and remember to enjoy the time spent with family.... they are the most important of all. They probably won't remember what you made/bought for them... but they will remember how much/little time you spent with them!


Oh me oh my how this post nailed it for me in terms of how we prioritize, the cobbler, etc.

Beautiful dolls - what an amazing find!

Thank you for helping me to feel a little bit more sane and less alone in my prioritization of craft.


A bit late to leave a comment, my excuse being I only just found you.... but I too, tend to let things slide, always finding something more interesting to do, or simply plain forgetting things I ought to do. So this year, approaching 60 like a steam train (huffing and puffing a bit and getting nowhere fast!), I decided I should really sort out my craft cupboards. So many things were given away, many went to charity shops, and the rest now takes up less room, seems more easily managed. But why then is it that none of what I have left is EXACTLY what I need for the next big thing, and that means I have to buy more yarn or fabric, and so the stash and piles get bigger again! A neverending circle.... but to be fair on myself, I have used up lots of fabrics and made things which have gone to friends... I HAVE read the almost 100 books that had built up in a bookcase in the bedroom and now keep the numbers waiting to be read down to no more than half a dozen. And one shelf of yarn, no more than two of fabrics. So there is hope you see.... Maggie

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