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May 05, 2010



What a beautiful photo! The colors are stunning!


How beautiful! My yarn (not a whole lot) is spread all over, in bins, baskets, rolling footrests... you name it. I can rarely find what I need. And if I happen to come across what I need... it actually doesn't work.


What a stunning display!
The colors are amazing.
i am so glad I found your blog this evening-

White Spray Paint


can I just say that looks absolutely DELICIOUS!! My first thought was "Oh a lovely knitting shop" : )))


Ooh, I love all those colors. Ironically while I was waiting for your blog to load on my computer I was drooling over some Tahki cotton yarn online. I keep all my yarn in a chest style coffee table. Out of the way and out of little fingers reach!

I see the bridge! (Linda Lilly Cottage)

I love that photo, I too would love to just sit and look at the beautiful view. We are easily entertained aren't we?
Have a truly scrumptious day,
Kiss Noises Linda


Luckily I have not caught the yarn sickness yet - but I've got it bad for fabric! I'm trying to keep it all on shelves so I can see it, but they're actually full so it's piling up on my ironing board and work table. What a beautiful shelf you have there Beata. I could easily stare at that all day!


Did you say your friend is a serious yarn addict?
That looks like a pretty serious stash to me!And so gorgeous too, love it!
Rachel x


Your colors are yummy and your yarn stacked on the shelves is a joy to behold. My yarn is spread around - some in plastic boxes, some in totes, some in plastic bags and some in a medium size wicker chest. I like it by me so it's in my family room and I'm not sure I like it there all the time.


wow what a wonderful display of colour! If I had the space I would display my yarn just like that so I can see it. For the time being my yarn is in baskets, where it tangles!

amanda makes

What a feast for the eyes! I think it's time I sorted my stash out. At the moment it's stuffed in every nook and cranny. Much love, Amanda xxx




Nina - Tabiboo

My word, that is one growth spurt - happy colours though and such a joy to look at.

Nina xx


What have you been feeding it?!!! That's a growth spurt and a half! ;-) I love the photo, the colours are beautiful. xxx

Lori Holt

Just gorgeous!...I keep mine in a pink cupboard that I have in my I can't see all of the lovliness like you can unless I keep the doors open...I'm going to do just that this weekend. That will help to remind me to get more flowers crocheted for a project that I'm working on.
Thanks for the inspiration Beata!


Who wants to sort when it all looks so beautiful as is.


wow - My stash look very small now!
Mine is in various carrier bags and a laundry hamper - but have been thinking about putting it into the draws in the spare room, I won't be able to see it, but I think some lovely scented draw liners will make it extra delicious to work with!


Cassie @ You Go Girl!

What an amazing yarn stash. You lucky, lucky girl!



Barbara B

Those colors are delicious.


hi! your pillowcases are soooo beautiful!! i saw them and immediately set to making my own-i now have a LOT of pillowcases :)...i wanted to ask you if there is a brand of cotton yarn that you like best for the trim? thank you for the great inspiration!!


Great photo, great yarn and great fun. Have fun using it all!

Patty Boyd

Love the photo. You have made me into a yarn addict also!!!! I had none, zero, nada. Now I have a market basket full and 5 completed pillowcases. I have a friend that has a 1940's commercial hemstitching machine. She is hemstitching some of my pillowcases and I crochet in and out of each tiny hole instead of doing the blanket stitch. I do love the look both ways. Drop in on my blog and take a peek when you get a minute. I love visitors. ;-) Keep the inspiration coming. I love it!

Margot K of VA

such a wonderful array of a spring garden all a bloom.

Erica K

Wow! That's an covet-able stash! :D I too have some baskets, and I also have a drawer in my storage cabinet. Nothing wonderfully pretty or open like that!


ohh I wish I had a striped blanket with each stripe made of a different one of your colours. It would be great to wrap up in such loveliness

Tammy Gilley

Yummy yum yum! What scrumptious colors!


Oh, I love anything sorted by colour! Lovely! I keep my yarn (it's not much) staked up on a shelf, like you have now.


woooooaaahhh!lady that is one fine stash of yarn! mine is all kept in baskets and I now hang my head in shame!


Scrumptious! What a gorgeous photo.


Fabulous stash picture, stunning colours.

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Miss Scotty

This is the first time I leave a comment on your post but I follow your beautiful handmade work since months. I really like your blog.

All the best

Katie from Hungary


I'm still at the keeping my yarn in baskets stage, hopefully soon I will have more yarn that I need something else. I am drooling over all your yarn, the colors are amazing!


No tips for storage, but I just wanted to say how gorgeous it all looks laid out by colour. Also, I love the yellow jug of needles, lovely!

Alice Best

your stash is delicious!


Wow, what a beautiful photo - looking at that stash every day would be very inspirational! Mine is currently kept in an ottoman, but I find I forget what I have more easily when I can't see it, so I've started separating some of it into bags that sit beside the sofa so I can just 'grab and go' when the mood takes me x

 Jean C.

The yarn colors are beautiful! I think that you have hit the nail or yarn on the head... anyway that will keep them tangle free is a good way! I don't knit/crochet but I use to tie quilts etc... and I can relate to the entanglement they can cause.


What yarn is this? You say cotton and a cotton blend. Do they knit up and wash up nice without fading? I am looking for some good cotton.
Thank you. Love your colours.

olive verte

Whaou!! Very nice photo!! Colors are wonderful! I would like to have the same collection of yarn at home!!!


I keep mine (a bit less than pictured) in hanging holders for shoes. Works pretty well .

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