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April 19, 2010


Camila F.

Oh, pretty cute stuff!


How funny, I just posted about this book today as well. My five year old bought it with some Christmas money and she just finished up her bunny doll. It is a great book, isn't it? Your pastries look beautiful, perhaps we shall try those next.


Oh quel joli ensemble pour le thé, bravo.


How sweet! What a great way to redirect the creative "build a bear" energy without having to go to the mall! My three-year-old just did her first stitches this week and we're excited about learning to sew around here!


Such a great idea - hopefully my girls will be keen in a few more years!!


Brilliant idea! Thank goodness you didn't end up at the build a bear thing - yuck! So commerical and expensive.


it's so cute !! lovely tea party !!
will check on this book !
merci !


Happy birthday Nico!!! We really need to see you gals!! Beautiful birthday idea and the results are simply astounding. What fun!

María Cecilia

Hello, your sewing world is magical, how nice to be here!!!!
Cariños from Chile,
Maria Cecilia


Sono bellissimi, complimenti...ed anche il tuo blog è fantastico!

Emma Angel

They are so adorable! x


Ohhhh!!!! That is just so lovely. What an absolutely splendid party. Sadly I never had children to do all these delightful things with but I am so glad you had such a grand and productive time with your little one.


Gorgeouse cupcakes!


wow - I want that book, and what a brilliant idea for a party, kids just don't get the chance to be creative these days, and I used to detest the bigger and better than your party attitute that seamed to pervade the 90's when mine was a littlie!



lovely, as usual...and happy birthday to nico! xo e.


Ah! My friend linked to your blog recently and I am going totally gaga over your GORGEOUS pillowcases! I hope you have more sometime, I will buy probably too many of them!!!


Oh, what a wonderfull idea and the other projects great too. You make so wonderfull things, brilliant !!!

Lovely greetings from germany !

Erica K

Oh wow! That one's on my list now! I wonder if my little girl will want to do those things when she gets older... That seems like a dream of a party! :)


So, so adorable!


What a great party idea! And it will cost only pennies for someone that already has a fabric stash as I am sure you do.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Mom Wald

Lovely! Hmm, that party would work for "big girls" too.

do you mind if i knit

Now that is a good idea, brilliant infact. Think I might point my sister to this book, she has a little girl, and has to find entertainment for parties. I could see them all sitting round her big kitchen table, and it's something different, isn't it! Thanks for the pointer. Vanessa x

magpie chic

Love it! What a cool idea for a party. Am loving your crochet tutorials too. Thanks so much:P


que lindo!!! una fiesta de costura!


I passed this on to you after someone was kind enough to do it for me...


What a fantastic birthday party idea! My birthday is next week... and I kind of want to have that kind of birthday party and I'm way older than 8!

le chat qui coud

how sweet!


how it's so cute, i put on a link on my blog, see you soon i hope, have a nice day,

Jenny and her trifles.


my daughters and I love this book so much. we just bought it and have been dreaming about all the projects we will make together...



hi! just had a look on the library website - her other books look awesome too.

thanks for the tip!


Great idea! Your daughter is (and her friends) are lvery ucky!This book is looking so cute, big idea for holidays, even if my daughters are older, I guess that they will enjoy it, and I don't speak about me!!!


How funny, my daughter wanted Build a Bear as well and I ended up getting this book for her 7th bday last week which also made her forget Build a Bear. The party is later this month but we're planning on the same thing but in slumber party fashion!

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