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March 08, 2010



What a beautiful mosaic of you gorgeous work. Very very pretty.


All I can say is Wow!!!
What beautiful Spring colours - makes me feel very happy.
Enjoy your mini break.


so juicy and delicious! Love the pretty colours.


Your mosaic makes me so happy! All those wonderful colors and edges! Thanks for sharing.

Berrie Bowen

Beata you thrill me!! I am overjoyed with your colors and photos. Thank you!


Have a great trip! What a busy crochet hook you have!


It is so good in this cold days to enjoy those wonderful colors!

thank you


Hi, you pillowcases are lovely!! I think I have to look inn to your Etsy shop, may bee you vil get an order from Norway ;o)

Hope you and your family had a great weekend!


Oooooh, so much beauty in such a small picture! I love looking at your handiwork.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


happy spring!

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Wow! This is gorgeous!


There is always a feeling of fresh and glorious sunshine here on your blog when I see your marvelous creations and your incredible choice of colors. Happy break!
♥ Emily

Ashley Schott

I want to live in your photographs they make me so happy!


Hi there, I'm a long-time lurker who just loooooves your blog. I saw this tonight and thought of you and your search for luscious cotton colors...

Plain and Joyful Living

Those colors are beautiful.
Warm wishes. Tonya

shelia fisher

We are talking EYE CANDY!!! They are so beautiful. I can't wait til the tutorial comes out...

Have a wonderful spring break :)


Enjoy your spring break-- wonderful colors in the collage!!

Michelle @ Rosebudquilting

Oh, I am in love with these crocheted edged pillow cases. I quilt, crochet and knit and I have never done looks very addicting and I can't wait to start one. Thank you so much for sharing your information for a yougogirl to do a tutorial.


What a breath of fresh air.
Beautiful and romantic x


What a breath of fresh air.
Beautiful and romantic x

Patty Boyd

Please, please come back from spring break. We have all been playing with pillowcases while you are gone. :-)


Hi! I just learned about your blog today...what fun pillowcases!! I showed my mom and she said that they made them all the time growing up (in the 60's) In response to online shops, we have a LYS that is mostly geared for online yarn shoppers: Paradise Fibers When you drive up to them, they are in a wharehouse district, are a little hard to find and has a very wharehouse-y feel...BUT they have SO MUCH to look at!! Much more than all of our other LYS. Another one is A Grand Yarn but I don't think they sell online. We're not too far from you though, you could make it a weekend getaway! :)


I am completely in love with your pillowcases, especially since crochet is my main craft :]
I just might have to make a few for myself, or maybe some shams with crochet edgings.

kirsty vittetoe

Very beautiful work, I love it!


Your work is absolutely beautiful! I am inspired to try it myself. I have a pair of soft yellow pillowcases that I have been trying to decide how to embellish and now I think I know! Thank you for the inspiration.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine


Any chance of a tutorial on crochet-ing pillow trims? It looks like a very fun little project.


I started crocheting at age seven (43 years ago...)Since learning to knit, I seldom crochet anymore, but your pillow cases.....they make me so happy. I'm gonna have to try my hand at it. Any chance you will publish a pattern. I could try it on my own, but I would so support any pattern efforts by purchasing one and encouraging my friends to as well.


A fairy mosaic, indeeed!


Your pillowcases are just lovely! I was inspired to make some new pillowcases for our living room. Thank you! :)

Brie Henri

I love how you crochet the's so beautiful.

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