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March 04, 2010



I love that bottom one! (well, I love them all, but that bottom trim looks gorgeous)


Your pillow cases are sew eye catching. Love them...


Wasn't it amazing! I am totally feeling hungover, in a deflated, forlorn-sort-of way. I have a quilting retreat on Saturday, so that will get me back in the swing, but man, what a crazy 2 weeks it was! We just loved it.


i Sooo Loved the olympics.... Awesome job Vancouver. WHAT a HOCKEY GAME!!!!!

I love your pillow cases too.


Glad you're back! I just cannot get over how much I LOVE those pillow cases, they never get old:)

Patty Boyd

I am so ready for you to teach us how to make the trim on those gorgeous pillowcases!


Pretty!!! Good to have you back. I have been miossing your posts and I am looking forward to more eye candy for inspiration. Slurp!


I love the colors you use. They make me smile.
Have a great weekend.


Glad to see you blogging again - I'm just so in love with your pillowcases - I'm hoping one day one of these beauties will grace my daughter's bed (perhaps she'd actually stay in it if she had something that pretty to lay her little head on) :0)


Nice to see/read you again!
The cushions are so lovely, especially the one on the top!!
Have a lovely weekend,


Oh, I loved the Olympics too! And your fair city did such a wonderful job of hosting. I just can't imagine it's going to be nearly as warm and neighborly in Russia, can you (is that wrong of me ;-)?). And actually, I was so pleased to see Canada win the hockey game (except I felt a little sad for the U. S. goalie). We love Canada!


The game was so thrilling, and I'm not even a hockey fan. The action on the streets afterwards was a blast! Horns honking and everyone high five-ing in their funny hats.

Nice to see you back! I'm looking forward to a fibery colour blast!!!
I also have a question, since you're a fellow Vancouverite and have a button on your sidebar. Have you found any info on were we can find Flea Market Style? I was so excited and was counting down the days, but Chapters doesn't have it. Hrunph! sniffle...


I LOVE your pillowcases so much...hhhmmmmm!

And....finally I've made something from your beautiful Strawberry-Picknic-Bundle, which I won.
Take a look on my blog....



more beauties stacked up..this is where I come to get refreshed..xoxox Jennifer

Mom Wald

Nothing like something gripping on TV to keep a person company when doing a project, or is it the project keeping us company while we watch the TV?

Carrie Hyatt

Nice blog I am in Cranbrook waving to a fellow Canadian


i think you said it exactly right: we were (are?) all in a collective hangover after the Olympics. that hockey game was oh so wild, wasn't it? thank goodness we had march break after

Insolvency advice

Your photos are magnificent.
Those pillow cases are so lovely!

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