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January 23, 2010



What a great way to recycle.
I'm loving the yarns from knitpicks.

Youtube really needs a crochet trim video from you one of these days ;)

Karmen Sunshine

Yesterday I bought my first crochet hook, just so SOME day I will be able to edge a pillowcase. I love what you do. Karmen

deanna cohen

Love your pillowcases. Lizbeth thread is cotton and comes in some beautiful solid as well as variegated colors. They do sell some of the colors at Hobby Lobby, if you have acccess to them. I use it for tatting and buy most of it from Handy Hands. This is their website . They do have other cottons as well. Check it out.
deanna in Texas


I'm addicted to this online store for cotton yarns!


I don't have any great online sources for you, but I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your pillowcases. They are just perfect and I think it's superb that you like to recycle sweaters to get your yarn. If only you could come to our thrift store, where sweaters are always $1 or less if you catch a sale. I would love to learn how to do the edging like that. I think my girls and I need some pretty pillowcases.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

I just found your blog and fell in love with your crocheted pillowcases. Do you use yarn (cotton?) on them or thread? I'm a beginner crocheter and I have only worked with yarn so far. I wonder if you would share how you prepare your pillowcases, your preferred cast on method and what kind of yarn or thread you use. So far, I have only bought my yarn at Michaels here in the States usually buying Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn. Michaels supply and color choice is hit and miss though Sugar n' Cream have a website and I think a link where you can purchase their yarn on line. Again just a beautiful blog and love all your COLORS!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

linda p

i really love because they have great color selection, although it probably isn't the cheapest option. the one thing i love about my yarn shop in San Antonio is that we carry a lot of cottons/blends since it's a warmer climate--great for me, since I can't really wear wool. wish you were here, I'd help you find some cool cottons!


I have just purchased a few balls of Rowan handknit cotton and it is fabulous. There are quite a few business sellers on ebay uk which sell it at a far better price than I can purchase it locally.

Erica K

I get Rowan cotton from this store.
They seem to have competitive prices...

I see someone mentioned knitpicks, but they only deliver to the US right


I also love reusing old jumpers for yarn - my mum recently unpicked a hideous Jaeger jumper and turned it into a lovely crocheted bath mat:
I've used amazon and ebay before as sources - ebay is rather exciting because if you find someone doing a cheap destash...!
I adore these pillows by the way :) and I hope you find the cotton to dothem justice!


What a great way to recycle. My mom often did this, I have many happy memories of sitting at her feet unraveling an old sweater and making a yarn ball ready for my mom to reuse!


I LOVE your inspired to try to make one for my daughter who is away from home for the first time. Are you used quilting weight cotton? Or is it a decorator weight. VERY your choices of trim colour!


I have to throw bamboo in there--I recently discovered it and am completely in love. Not only is it antimicrobial, it's super soft in the right blends (and I think often you can find it mixed with cotton, but also with wool and silk) and I love, love, LOVE knitting with it. I bought a ton on ebay recently and really think that's a fantastic place to shop for yarn. More random than other actual online yarn shops, but also way cheaper.


those colours are delicious - love those pillowcases!

Debbie S.

I'm in need of a new project for my weekly crochet get-together...just love your pillowcase trims. So sweet!


I love them!
I've been doing wash cloths for my Aussie friend who grew up with crochet-edged wash cloths.
Erika K~ knitpicks is called knitpro in the UK ...I bought a simply knitting issue and recognized the beautifully colorful wooden straight needles right away :)

Mermaid Debbie

Beautiful! The colors look like candy. ~"Eye candy!"

Carolyn Saunders

Curl Brothers is a great place for cotton. Unfortunately they stopped making their yarns but they still have inventory to sell.

Tonia Levens

Your pillows and photos are simply gorgeous! I enjoyed reading your blogs.


These ARE just SO beautiful...lovely craftsmanship.

Sandra Engström

Such a lovely blog!


Ooh, for those in the UK, you just can't beat Kemps Wool Shop

They very often have fantastic yarns for less than £1 per ball. I stock up there every time Rowan discontinue a yarn.


My grandma used to recycle old sweaters for yarn, and what a great idea that was, and is. I have recently began to do this also. I love your blog, and am wondering, when not working on the pillow case edging, what kind of yarn do you prefer for an afghan or apparel construction.

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