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January 12, 2010



We here on the west coast need those jolts of colour around this time of year!

Erica K

I love those fabrics! Ooo...

The dreary rain really gets to me too, but I'm doing okay this year, for some crazy reason. Maybe it's my new raspberry pink curtains? :D

Thanks for the jolt! :)


Thanks, we all need a jolt now and again.


MIght you consider selling just the directions for making the pillowcases?

web design Los Angeles

Those fabrics are wonderful. I love the patterns and the color.


Happy New Year, Beata. Can't wait to see your quilt, the colours look fab. Well done on your pillowcase success, you had a good idea so it's well deserved!
Hen x

Sarah - Jane down the lane

But you will tell us about the gingerbread man wont you?

Sarah x


Oh - I am SO jolte -off to check out your ets site!!


pretty fabrics!


Just enjoy the break, you probably need one. Love those patchwork fabrics very much! I'm enjoying lots of pretty colour now too, it's so lovely to work in a sea of colour.


I'm getting excited about your new assortment of pillow cases, will keep my eye on your etsy site as I really would like more.

: )

Into Vintage

Living in winter-gloomy Washington state, I can always use a jolt of beautiful color this time of year. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work. Happy New Year! -amy


just found your blog!
so wonderful! I love your pillow cases
I posted a blog about you with a link to etsy and your blog
I hope thats oké with you?

you can find me here

A Thrifty Mrs

Ooooh so pretty.

Tricia Anne

I am a new follower of your blog as of today. :o)
You have such beautiful pillow cases!! Have you ever considered selling your crochet flower pillow covers on Etsy?
I am posting about your blog today. You are such an inspiration and I will be coming back very often
Have a nice day.
:o) Trish


i love your idea of using happy fabrics to brighten your spirits. clouds may gather and rain may fall, but cheery fabric prints will always make me smile! thanks for sharing!!


C'est vraiment splendide.
Les couleurs sont magnifiques.

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