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December 01, 2009



Oh exciting!


They look beautiful, great job!


Gorgeous as always. I've never been fond of lots of bright colours, but I think you are converting me! :)


beautiful! you use the most gorgeous array of colors and prints in all your projects!


so pretty! I have some of that fabric in the second photo.... love the turquoise! I'm curious if you crochet the edging directly onto the pillow or sew it on afterwards?



lynnie jones

luvverly ...lynnie


Oh how lovely! Very pretty colours and prints!


Love them all!

Erica K

ooo... ooo... I love those so very, very much!


I love the eye candy on your blog! Do you have a source for the fabric of the top pillow on the pile?


le chat qui coud

lovely... i love it!

Erica K

Hi Beata...I e-mailed, but not sure if you'll get it. Do you know the name of that first fabric (the one in the close-up shot)? Thanks! :)


Your pillows are really awsome! I love howe you mix the colors!!! I´m not great in crocheting, but I tried to do one...(
Do I need to stitch around and crochet afterwords?

Gumbo Lily

I just love your pillowcases!


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