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December 05, 2009



Choose a favorite, its like being in a sweet shop! I love no 25 & 21 simply because I adore the colours. They are all fabulous though.

Claire Smith

I don't think I would get a winks sleep on one of these pillowcases they are so gorgeous I would lie awake admiring them. Love them all but anything with turquoise, pink or red in it would be wonderful


Oh them all! If I had the money I would buy them all and dive into them.
But the most favorite one is Belle Fontaine with the polkadots.
Have a wonderful weekend!


They are all lovely but I really like the "Bonbon" as well as your amazing blog


All are very nice so it's almost impossible to choose. Your photos are a real feast for the eyes! But if I have to choose can I name a few?

Right... here we go: photo no.6 top one; photo no.19 top one and photo no.33 top one :) But I'd love to have them all...

I'm sure they will find new homes very soon.

Enjoy your weekend.


Helen (Kiss Prudence)

I love all of them but my very favourite is the pink one with the turquoise trim, top row third on the right. All beautiful. xx

lynnie jones

please don't make me choose ..oohh...ahhh...i wonder if xmas will come early?...tooo lynnie


I love them all too! But I'm especially drawn to the lavender/purple ones. I don't know how to identify them specifically but love those hues!!

Tamara Erbacher to make a choice, I really would be happy with any! But from the bunch in your sweet mosaic I say Numbers 3 & 31...what super nice christmas present that would be... x Tam


Do you have any idea how much time I have spent trying to decide on two favourites? LOL, changed my mind at least a dozen times, because they are all so very pretty. Now, before I change my mind again, I had better list two, hadn't I? Indigo Rose and Moss Rose, those two. I think. I am pretty sure. Well, on the other hand............


I love them all. A wonderful job, indeed.

Dolores Gounley

As I look at your luscious photos (which are always amazing) I was instantly stirred by #21. It reminded me of a slip cover my grandmother had on her seat cushions at her summer home in the '60's. Isn't it interesting the power fabric can have? Anyway, while all of these pillow cases are magical in their own ways, it was that pillow case in photo #21 that transported me back in time! Thanks for the memories!!!


i love them all! if pushed i would choose 36!
gill x


Quante meraviglie, complimenti sei bravissima!


These are so fresh and fun! Who wouldn't want to wake up to these? I love the pink one ontop of the pile in pic #14 :)

Julie Campbell

Oh my!!! These are REALLY incredible!!! I just can't quit looking at them. You do amazing work & it makes me smile just looking at them! Ahhh! :) It's hard to pick a fave... but I really love the Sweet Dreams pillowcase.

les lubies

Moi aussi je les adore !
I do adore them too :)
Some of my favorites are number 31 and the 1st one with cerises.


Oh my, how could I possibly pick a favorite when they are all so yummy and colorful. I would be happy with ANY one of the cases. Gorgeous, as always, great work! LindaSonia


Wow, they look so lovely in that photo mosaic! Are you sure you can bear to part with all these beauties?

I think my favourite is the top one in photo 6. The floral print, the polka-dot backing and the crochet edging are all soooo beautiful!


So lovely! I've been admiring your pillowcases for several weeks now... The middle trim pattern in picture 36 really caught my eye, and I thought I spied a couple of reversable cases that I thought were especially clever. Anything purple or that deep burgandy would be a joy to own!


Oh my goodness!! That is one mouthwatering mosaic. So much pretty, it's very hard to choose a favourite. I love the turquoise/pink one with the pink ladder edging and the cherries with the blue trim.


Picking just two was very hard as every single one of these pillowcases is fabulous. I narrowed it down to the whole stack on 19 and the one in 33. But then again there's this one and this one, and this one! ; )


they are all too beautiful, especially all together in the mosaic.
i love them all, its like being a child in sweetshop...


These are so beautiful and I can't decide. But, if you twisted my arm I would give a loving home to any of the pillowcases in photo number two - I especially love the pink on top. I am heading to work now, even though it is Saturday and teachers should not be working on Saturdays, but when I get home this evening I will post about your giveaway to send more bloggy love your way. Thank you for your generosity. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Fruitful Fusion

They're all just gorgeous!!! But I particularly LOVE the turquoise ones like 30 and the lime green (25)!!!


how do I choose? They are all so beautiful- but I think the purple and blue ones are my favorite from pictures 6 and 8!


Oh gosh I would love any single one of them! Narrowing it down though...hmmm...loving the cherries with blue trim and the purple belle fontaine...or anything - really! I'd be happy for the leftovers lol!!! Just beautiful:)

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Oh, I love them all, but I do like purple very much, so the pillowcases in pictures number 8/16/19/22/36 must be my favourites. They are gorgeous!!

Sandra :)

They're beautiful - I wish I could crochet! I love any of the ones with the white trim - they remind me of the pcases my grandmother used to make for us :)


I'd love to have any one of them, but 13 and 30 are my favorites. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!


Beata, I can honestly say I love every pillow you have made and would be thrilled with any of them. Although Jennifer is a dear friend so a sis boom pillow would be sweet. But they are all scrumptious. Have a magical weekend xoxox Clarice


OMG - they are simply beautiful! I would never be able to pick one or two. Happy holidays!


So pretty! Love them all, but my favorite is hands down the rosy, scroll-y Josepine's-boudoir looking one. Number 21 I think. You did a wonderful job and I just love your colorful outlook!

Miss Mary

I love the purple one, but I cannot figure out how to find an specific identifier...but they are absolutely magnificent!


Too hard to choose - I just love them all

Jessie Lathroum

Oh this is hard!! I like all the colors. I like Bonbon, and the one with cherries on it, and the blue floral with red trim. I like all of them :)

Pat Hall

Oh they are all so beautiful and bright happy colors. I remember the detail on my Grandmothers and she also did the bath towels they always seemed so special. thanks I came drooled, and dreamed and now you get to choose. hope I am one of the lucky to receive one.
Patty H

Gerry Hook

Oh, how lovely, feminine, colorful, delicate.
I love each and every one. You do wonderful handwork.
Thanks you for the opportunity to have one of these lovelies of my own.


Those are absolutely gorgeous. I really like #31, but all of them are stunning. Great job!

Pammy Sue

So gorgeous! I'm too excited over them for my own good.

Love the aqua or purple colored pillows the best if I have to choose, especially the one with what looks like cherries and aqua trim. But they are all gorgeous, and I'd be happy with any of them!

Pammy Sue


They are all gorgeous but I think the turquoise with the orange trim wins my heart!


holy smokes, you have been busy!!!
they're all gorgeous - impossible to choose one favourite...but you know i'm a sucker for daisies, and anything brown!
xo e.

Beth Briffett

Stunning pillow cases!! my two favoites are #19 and #21 although I wouldn't turn down any of them!!


Well they are all beautiful and a number of them made it into my flickr favs. You are very talented.


I like them all, but if I have to choose I'll pick #26 & # 33!

Erica K

Oooo! I really do love every single one of them....but I love that AH Sweet Dreams one best. I love pile #35...oh my! And #2!

So wonderful!

elizabeth of course

Oh! 34 for sure! Not that it was an easy choice, but I think that's the favourite one!

Katherine L

They are all so beautiful, but 19 is really catching my eye. I love the shades of purple.


How could I possibly pick a favorite!? They are all sooo gorgeous! I guess if I have to pick I love numbers 31 & 34! They would make me soo happy to see them laying on my bed!!

Brenda Kula

When I first saw a post of yours with these, I thought, how incredibly beautiful these were. I'd love anything trimmed in red!

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