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November 18, 2009



Wow you are busy - so glad you worked it all out.
The room looks absolutely stunning! Just stunning!

Erica K

I've been anxiously awaiting your post... you've been so busy! That room is amazing! I love the bird, but really...that bed takes the cake! The quilt...OMG! :)

Have you ever posted about your stash...with pictures? I can only imagine how incredible it must be...

Holly in Virginia, USA

what an amazing bedroom for a young lady! Was it originally a sunroom? (my guess since there is tile on the floor).

Next August, my husband & I coming to Vancouver for a visit, please let me know all the shops to see! I quilt like a crazy person, and will have 2 grandbabies by that visit. My husband is doing the IronMan Canada in Penticton, BC August 29th. many thanks

Virginia, USA


Oh my, I want a bedroom like that. Just beautiful, I hope you have a relaxing weeknd. Clarice


The room looks great! Your work is beautiful and fresh.

I hope your finger heals quickly!


That is just so beyond amazing, what a beautiful room!!


Stunning love it sooo much
Sorry to hear about the finger and the 'tangled head'....l remember it well lol
Glad you know how to say NO and can chill for the weekend


Read your post and my husband and I took your suggestion to visit Hycroft - its a really beautiful house and garden. Your friends room with your lovely fabric furnishings is truly beautiful. The bed cover, pillows and banners are so fresh and pretty. We had an enjoyable visit - thanks


hi, beata - it was so nice to meet you + your girls at hycroft! the room was beautiful - such lovely work! i'm happy to have found your blog again - thank you! kristin

le chat qui coud

I dream to have the same bedroom!!!!!!


Hello, I am happy I discovered your blog. I love your fresh colors, will be visiting a lot, I 'll add you to my link list at pussmanstuffies and thank you soo much for sharing the crochet flower pattern! I want to try it!


What a gorgeous room. Stunning.


I swoon over rosehip!!!

philippines homes

Love it, it makes you feel calm and when you feel boring just lay and sleep.

Deirdre G


Will you make any more quilts like this one? I love it! So many colors to work with. This is exactly want a wanted for my girls room! Please let me know if you will make more...I just found your blog and I'm in love!

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