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October 19, 2009



gorgeous, all of them!


Beautiful! My favorite is the blue scallop!

Isabelle kessedjian

Very beautiful!

Kiss Prudence

Love these so much...really pretty! xx

A Thrifty Mrs

How beautiful.

Sarah - Jane down the lane

How perfectly lovely!

Erica K

I can't wait to see more, and I do love a giveaway! I really, really need to make some pillowcases and trim've inspired me so!

Nina - Tabiboo

Great experimentals and such a lovely idea.

Nina x

The Curious Cat

THis picture reeled me in - wonderful!!! xxx


I adore the blue scallop, too! Now I need to learn to crochet :)

Margaret Bouwmeester

They are all so wonderful, love the colors!!!
Margaret B


It sounds like you've been busy! I love how the trim has turned out, very cute!

Gerry Hook

Love each and every trim here ! ! ! !
I've trimmed two cases and in the middle of a third. I love the way they make me feel at bedtime ! ! ! ! !


Hi Beata:

Very lovely. My personal favourite is the shell. Easy to remember, and charming to look at. I've done some on tea towels as well, have you?

Lisa xo


Beautiful trims! I may try my hand at that - how do you attach them to the case? Yours looks so neat.


These are gorgeous. CAn you show us more?

Krista - Poppyprint

I have no idea how to crochet, so these are amazing to look at - can't imagine how you do it! They are all beautiful, but I especially like the pale pink window-y one.
Looking forward to the juicy post!


Very very nice :-)

Please let us see more and more and more


Do you mind if I ask what type of crochet thread/yarn are you using? It looks heavier than what I normally use for lace edgings, and I'm wondering if it's cotton dishcloth yarn.

Odette Bragg trims on your pillowcases. I'm a beginner crocheter. Would you consider sharing the pattern(s)?


Oh my gosh ..I love these... soooo pretty!!! :o)


Oh, so beautifull, you are a creative woman!


Love these... Show me more pictures! I've a lot to learn.. Keeps me inspired.



It' so nice!!!

Beata Basik

[email protected] wrote:


oh, those look so pretty!!! Well done!


They're all fabulous, I love the colors, the patterns, fabulous.


Wordless!Very nice work!!




Hi there! I'm loving your blog. Really love crochet myself. Your pillowcase edgings are just lovely.
I'm a newbie to blogging. Please feel free to drop by to my new blog
Hugs Karen x

Suzy's Vintage Attic

I have just discovered your beautiful blog. Beautiful crochet work!
Isabelle x


my dear beata, your trims get lovelier every time you post. where do you buy your yarn from? i know what you mean about the winter/summer clothing changeover. always takes me halfway through the season to find and unpack and "freshen up" everything -- boxes and boxes of stuff for 3 kids!

Mom Wald

These are lovely. Looking for patterns can be almost as much fun as crocheting itself!


You are so creative, and I am such a flake! I'm back on track with the satin fabric...will mail you some samples.

Peace and Love,


oh i love these so much!!! i have a shawl my grandma made with quite a substantial crocheted edge. i always wanted to make lap rugs like this...i cant say enough times how i adore these!!! lovely thoughtsp.s i added you to my blogroll to be reminded when the cushions arrive, hope thats ok! :)


whoopsies, i mean pillowcases, these late nights are finally getting to me! :) have a lovely day!


Pleeeeease can we see more of the pillowcases? Think I will give them a go and would love some further inspiration.
Hen x

Fanny & Malou

so amazingly beautifull.. there is no words for your creations.

I wish so much to be able to do so.

Congratulations to your gorgeous works and blog!!!

Pamela Clinton

Could you please post a tutorial about how to make a simple model. I`m really just getting started with these techniques and so I`m really in need of some tuorials.

Wanda Conway

What kind of trim is the middle one? The purple one

Ruth Marden

I Love you pillow cases!!! Any chance that there's a tutorial on making them? What do you use for crochet yarn? Thank you, Ruth

Anita Barnthson

Beautiful edge. I grew up in a very small Kansas town and there was a lady that had a hemstitch machine. My mom would take our hand embroidered pillowcases and she put the edge so we could crochet the lace. What do you do to make the edge to crochet?


oh i try this,too... must be great on evrything!

Barbara Karr

I know they are time consuming but they are sure worth it.These are like my great-aunt used to make years ago. Just lovely.


Is there a pattern attached to this blog? Please let me know if there is and where I can find it. Thanks! Angela


Where can I find the patterns for these edgings?


Please let me know where I can find the patterns for these edgings. Thanks

Tessa du Toit

Please let me know where I can find the patterns for these edgings. They are beautiful. Thanx

Michele Beach

How do you make the dark pink one? I'd really like to learn that pattern. Thank you.

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