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October 05, 2009



I am the same way, why can't we enjoy the freshness and vibrance of bright and pretty colors all year long? Do we really have to all mope over to drab and dreary tones for half a year just because the skies darken a bit and the air chills? I am with you! Stick to brights!

Your pillows look like just the thing! They are gorgeous as is everything you do!
~Emily xxx

linda p

I'm so flattered that you bought my book- I hope you enjoy it and can't wait to see what you come up with! I'm stuck in summer too, but I just moved back to TX where it's nearly summer for 9 months of the year (that was one of my thoughts on the book- crochet for people who dont' need/wear/enjoy sweaters. :)

Poppyprint - Krista

Well, I did see some orange and yellow in your photos - those are fall coloury. I can't get excited about brown, stick with your fab palette. The rain will be here soon enough! Beauty pillows B!


I love all the bright colors! Very pretty!

Zia Meadows

lovely pillow cases, and I know what you mean when its starts to get a bit drab outside I start using brighter colours and I keep forget I should be working with more winter shades to get ready for the yucky festive season!


What great Fun! I plan to visit often! Kerrie


Really jolly colours! Love your pillow slips in those fabrics and the trim is just scrumptious!! Clever you. I used to grow Zinnias when I was young. I loved them, maybe I should grow some this spring-now. I also love that cushion you made yesterday, love the trim too.

Lynda aka Miss Prudence Knits

Oh your blog is so happy and lovely! I love all the things you make, truly an inspiration to blog land!

Brenda Kula

Those pillow cases are awfully cute! I've never seen any quite like them. Love all the colors!

Erica K

I think I'm stuck in summer with you (maybe even spring!)...just enjoying the weather a little more! I've never edged my own pillowcases...why?

You make the most beautiful projects!

Erica K

Me again...I checked that link for Molly's! Ooo...I MUST check it out next time I'm up there. I love what I'm seeing!!! Your stuff fits right in! :)

Now to save up some money...

Vanessa Cabban

I saw that book on amazon, and was umming and ahhing about getting it, but now I've seen this post, I think it's definitely got to go on my wish list, so thanks for the little review, they always help in purchase making decisions. I do love the way you've embellished your fabric, and the colour combos, they look stunning.
Love Vanessa xxx


Oooh! I am with Vanessa, straight onto the Amazon wish list x

Dive Boracay

The combination of those bright colors is relaxing and pleasing to the eye. Beautiful!


Oh my Beata...your pillowcases are totally gorgeous. I agree....I want, need, require totally bright colors anytime of the year!


This book looks great, your enthousiasm is communicatif and I'm sure I'll come back soon to crochet that I adored when I was young, you gave me great envy Beata and most of all with your incredible blanket I never saw such a lovely blanket!XXOXXO


i just have to say that i love love love the colours on your blog. it is so beautiful! everything is so beautiful. i live in the vancouver area as well and hopefully will get a chance to check out moly's furniture salad soon. i am just sorry i missed your berry bundles. darn! are you going to be at any craft fairs or the like anytime soon?


Hello from France !
I love your creations, your colors... I made a little post about your blog on mine. Just take a look !
Have a good day in U.S.

Inger Carina

Ah your work is SOOO inspiring!

send flowers to Philippines

yah i agree for all of the commenter so inspiring and the flowers really beautiful.



May I please ask what yarn weight do you use for your trims on the pillowcases? I've used a double strand of super fine "1" yarn and like it but wanted something thicker and not sure since i plan on ordering online. Thank you so much for sharing all of your great work!

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