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September 23, 2009



This is beautiful! I think a pillow like this would be so lovely for someone who has tactile/sensory longings. I just met someone who works in nursing homes and she told me that residents suffering from Alzheimers and dementia are measurably calmer when their hands are engaged in 'feeling' and she mentioned how flannel quilts are amazing for these people. I think your pillow would be perfect! Plus, it is the prettiest thing ever!


Oh! I just refreshed the page and the photo of the back came up - genius!


Just lovely! That yellow flower made my day. It's so gray outside, I needed something like that!


ooh the colors are just so sweet and inspiring!

A Thrifty Mrs



Oh I love the pillow! What a great idea!


lovely work...every little detail is perfect!


That is so cute! I need to use my old sweaters like that.


Love the pillow, especially the back. Great work!

Erica K

Oh I just love it! It looks so round, soft, and happy! :)


I love that soft round look! As always your colour scheme is splendid!

Anna x

Sew Love Fabrics

So lovely, the back is just as pretty as the front!! Yes, stock up the store :)


Think that you are on to something with this design. It is unique and has a great combination of whimsy and sophistication.

Best wishes.


Beata!! Thanks for coming by my blog you big superstar you!!!


Hi Beata,
I mentioned and linked to your beautiful blog today. The pillow is clever and oh so charming!

Claire Boynton

Lovely. Just lovely.


I think it's gorgeous, unique and funky.

Lori Holt

Love Love...don't change a thing!


Absolutely it

little bobbin

How unique and wonderful! Just found your blog...oh, so inspiring! :)

the homely year

Very the felted wool and all the colours!
Margaret and Noreen


What a beautiful blog! I am a first time visitor, having stumbled across you via a google search for crochet. So glad I did!

Sarah - Jane down the lane

I must have one! love the grey with the bright felt flowers, divine, off to Etsy right now! ;D


Oh j'adore, j'adore les couleurs, le mélange de matière.

Beata Basik wrote:

clare bower

That is one gorgeous cushion , love it !


Oh so beautiful! I love everything you make!

administration jobs

That must be very nice to cuddle with. I love the flowery design. Gorgeous!


I am just back from Levenworth, these charming pillows do feel very tyrolean. Clarice


So cute, I love it

BPMN Training

Those all looks very creative and good colour combination

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