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July 08, 2009


Lavender Dreams

I love gnomes! How cute this little guy is! I'm enjoying these posts!

amy faldet

Sweet as candy! Blessings.


What a cutie. Much easier to take on an "Amelie" style holiday! :)


what a perfectly sweet little gnome! loving the background fabric too


Still keeping is in suspense


I have gnomes all over my yard, I just love them. And yours is so cute!


What a charming little chap! And that fabric in the background looks gorgeous too.............

felicity cockcroft

oh he looks so sweet!!


Oh! I want him! How sweet is he??


Awww, he's adorable, can't wait to see the rest of him!

I really like how you've done the cheeks by the the way :)


I can't wait for it!

the homely year

He looks a very cuddly chap...can't wait to see more>
Margaret and Noreen


Okay no more gnome teasing please, I can't wait to see all of him!

Sarah - Jane down the lane

OMG he is absoloutely the best, kindest, friendliest gnome I have seen in ages! I have been obsessed with gnomes since my Mum gave me "Gnomes" by Rien Poortvliet when I was 7 years old!

Have a lovely weekend, Sarah x

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