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June 26, 2009



Beautiful garden and blog, congratulations!


Wow! Those pictures are magnificent. Lucky folks who were able to visit your garden must have been in seventh heaven.

It is wonderful that the weather was on your side!

jenny b harris



What a sweet and old fashioned garden...I could sit with those beauties all day. I have a way to acre with lots of open spaces still. It will come. Thank you for sharing. :)


beautiful! i can imagine many people were in awe strolling through your garden.


Please tell us more about the play area. The whole garden is




This is my dream garden - it looks heavenly. What a delight it must be to spend time in. Truly inspiring... like everything else you create! Thanks for sharing


stunning! I love your beautiful roses.. my favorite!

Anna R

Your garden looks like a magical place.


I love your sort of gardening, it's so beautiful, so relaxed, and so saying, come and sit and drink a glass of cool white wine.Though of course, as with everything that looks easy to achieve, I know it's not, there's lots of hard work involved! Thank you for the tour.
Vanessa X


What a beautiful garden and I just love the tea cup.


that is great. your garden is beautiful. so glad you had such a great day.


What a lovely, leafy, enchanted place.


Beautiful garden... You have a lovely blog, I've enjoyed my visit!


You make me want to cross Canada (I am in Montreal) to see this beautiful garden!

Olwyn Hughes

what a lovely garden! I have such a black thumb and am envious. how nice to discover another Vancouver blogger out there doing such wonderfully colourful work.


Lovely garden, just love the colours en beautiful tings on your blog, it,s make me happppppy...........

Greeting from Sweden.


Beata, your garden is magical! What a place to linger and dream...

Linda Harre

Fabulous garden.....would have loved to have been there! Thanks for sharing photos:)


Amazing garden!


I have missed your blog and it's gorgeous colors! I am so glad to be back in time to see your wonderful garden!! Your entire blog just puts me in a good mood!!!


Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden! It looks like Alice in Wonderland might live there. The colors are so lovely - you must take wonderful care of it!


Love every picture of it!
Love Jannet

jacoline (Lien)

What a great garden. Wish I was there to visit you!! Lovely place!!!


You're so lucky... what a beautiful garden. And a lovely blog too :)

Karen Brown

There are times when a glimpse into someones' garden brings a response of pure joy. Your garden is joy in bloom!

Beata Basik

[email protected] wrote:


Wow, it's really beautiful! I love it!

Jeremy Beauregard

For dedicated gardeners, the appreciative looks of visitors are more than enough reason to continue with what you are doing. You have a very lovely garden; the splash of color is a joy to look at. With a garden that beautiful, that outdoor seating area is perfect.

Elizaveta Kramer

Those flowers are beautiful! They definitely make the world a better place. Ever had that feeling where you seemed to have a bad day and you came across a garden filled with colorful flowers? Somehow, they make you feel better, right? Actually, I had. ;)

Katy Eagles

Your garden is really a must see! I’m sure your fellow gardeners and garden enthusiasts, enjoyed their tour. How many flower species do you have in your garden? Keep it up!

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