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June 18, 2009



hello :)

i'd love to see pictures of your garden! i'm sure it will be as beautiful as your crochet and blog, good luck with the tour and i hope the sun shines for you :)


Veronica Fernandez

I love these flowers and this blog invite you to know my blog am from Argentina a greeting, Vero


Cool! Congrats on the garden tour thing! You do have a very beautiful garden :)


I'd love to have a garden tour. I work at a nursery and only hear people's plant problems all day so I'd love to see some gardening success!

amy faldet

Completely brilliant how you decorate and capture the joy! Blessings dear from Amy


Beautiful quilt! I love your blog. :)

lynnie jones

missed you ..if your garden is anything like your quilts it will be absolutely stunning ..keep up the good work ...luv and hugs lynnie


Every thing you make is so pretty!!!!

WOW,a garden tour.Do post pics:0)
A tour of my garden would take approx 3mins 45 secs!! think postage stamp!
Your quilt is beautiful,looking forward to part 2.


I love this quilt! I always overmatch and it gets me into trouble. This is perfect! :)


Oooo, I can't wait to see your garden!

Erica K

Ooo, I would love a tour of your garden! Looking forward to more of the quilt too! :)


Beautiful colours in the quilt! PLEASE share your garden with us..


yes, yes, i need to see the garden! and more of that wonderful quilt.


i hope the garden tour goes ok, i love your quilt cant wait to see more photos
felicity xx

Ransacked Goods

Happy to find your blog. I'm loving your photography too. What an eye for color! And those flower crocheted pillows, amazing.


This post is what inspired me to take the picture of my "garden gnomes". And if I haven´t said it before I love your blog with it´s colourful way!

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