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June 06, 2009



Lovely eye candy!!!


Can't wait to see what you are doing with gnomes!

Kim McBirnie

Ooooh, is that a Heather Bailey fabric I spy?! Lovely lovely - with that hot pink it looks amazing!
Kim xx


The colours are fabulous - they really work well! Looks so coooosy...


Oh my gosh this is so beautiful... I definetly need to try and learn this!!!! Easy you said.. woooahha...when you know..:o)))
Have a great day-...


That is absolutely stunning! I really want to try that, but I am sure it wont turn out anywhere near as beautiful as yours. Can I ask what yarn you use?

Margaret Bouwmeester

Beautiful, I love your colors! The grey fabric is so beautiful!!!
Glad you are back on line!!!
Margaret B


oh those are seriously pretty!
(and I might have made a huge mistake by showing your blog to my soon-to-be 6-yr old daughter, who now wants her own room, and heart pillows, and everything just like "you know mom, like on the internet" ... )


i absolutely love your blog and have been impatiently waiting for your next post! i was so excited to see you had posted again! your blog and colours inspire me so much, and thank you for sharing your flower squares pattern, i made a smaller 3x3 with a 3x3 crochet back and it has pride of place on my bed. your handiwork is amazing :)

amy faldet

So glad to here things are better! It must have been in the air! My computer was throwing fits, as well! Love all you make! Blessings.

Tickled Paisley

Your crochet scalloped edge is beautiful - it's a perfect finish!


My gosh. Those blanket stitches are *perfect*. I don't even know how that happens!


ohhh. inspirational. double ohhhhh. How you make those holes in the fabric? just with your crochet hook?? beautiful with the hot pink!

Bettes Bags

Oh these are lovely!

Heather Bailey

Great hot pink trim!


Oh.My.Gosh! I LOVE, LOVE that pillow case. The crochet is just perfect!


Glad you are back with a strong computer to allow you to post more photos, share more tips.

The crochet edging tip is just as you promised ... easy to pick up. (slight pun there.)



I just found your beautiful blog!
Love all your works!


i love the fuscia edging its beautiful. thanks for the pattern for the flower square i have had a go as i havent done anything like this before and its come out really well. will try more bolder colours next time....yours are beautiful


Love all of your crochet work! So beautiful!!! I'll be adding you to my favorite blog links! :)

Vanessa Cabban

More beauty! I do LOVE the colours you put together, and the crochet edging is stunning!
So glad you've got your computer sorted.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


Oh my goodness, this is so, so pretty!!

Gerry Hook

Beata, Love your crocheted pillowcase edgings. Please, please, at little hint regarding your choice of thread/yarn and stitch selections. It's been years since I've crocheted but the bug has bitten and I'm just tryin' to itch it.
I truly would appreciate any suggestions.

the homely year

How pretty! I think your idea about making the crocheted edge is so clever. Gorgeous fabrics too - love them all.
Margaret and Noreen

Tea Rose

Your pillow cases looks amazing! I love the detailed word and the colors, makes my heart sing!


Gnomes! I can't wait to see more of your beautiful creations.


Just beautiful. I love the colours


Loving those! ~Page


This has been one of my life crochet the edges of my pillow cases. I have hundreds of pillow case embroidery patterns, I've been collecting for 15 years now and I've always wanted to learn how to crochet them as well. I've looked in books, etc. Do you know of a reference where I could teach myself your trick?


J'adore ton travail.
C'est mingnon et adorable.

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