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May 06, 2009



Big congrats you totally deserve it..knocked it out of the park my love!!

Ashley Foret

This truly is the most beautiful crochet I have ever seen! Your colors are delightfully magical. I want it!!!! I guess I am going to have to add crochet to my crafting/sewing repretoire of skills!

Julie Campbell

These just take my breath away! I'm in AWE!!!


oh, that is great you won the contest! what a great prize! please show us the pillows, the new slipcovers and the fabric you get with your prize money! yay!

Sabina (nee Kraszewski)

I have just across your Blog. Your Blog is truly beautiful and colourful. The crochet squares are really stunning.

I read your whole Blog, and my parents were Polish. Came to Australia after the War.

Keep up your beautiful work and thank you for sharing it with the world.

Kind regards,

Sabina (Australia) x


I love your new banner! Congratulations on winning the prize!



Yay you!!!


You deserved to win with that beautiful work.
xoxo Andrea


Congratulations, they really are beautiful & I plan to give it a go. Thanks for sharing the pattern :)

The Antidote

Well done, they are certainly prize winning blooms x


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Take Care
Love Melanie xxx


Beata, I should tell you that you inspired me to crochet again! I've been having fun with it, so thank you!

lori jolley

OOOOh! Thank you for sharing your crochet flower patterns! I was hoping you would! What I love most about these are the beautiful colors you used! I really want to try something similar! Thank you!


You so deserved to win. And have fun shopping. I only wish I had a pinch of your fabric stash. As it is I will be going reduced price/piece shopping next week to find something to match a bright, pretty piece of fabric I found for 30 cents, so that I have enough to make my 1 year old a tank top :)
Keep up the great work and I've passed your blog on to a couple of yarn buddy co-workers:)


Your crafts are divinely beautiful! Congrats!

amy faldet

So many beautiful things and in all my fave colors! Blessings and I am glad to have come across this sweet place. Blessings from Amy.


Happy Mother's day week-end !
As another poster mentioned .. you also have re-awakened my crochet and knit interest !
Now I know you have the instructions for these flowers somewhere on your blog.. I will have to look it up !

Have a great week-end !

Monique from Rawdon :)


Your pillows have inspired me to take my decorating in a totally different direction. Thank you. Your blog is truly one that I enjoy.

dig this chick

um yes, you deserve to have won! Those crocheted flowers on that sweet sweet quilt are mouth watering.


Thank you for the crocheted flower patterns. I'm off to try and produce something similar to your pillows. Thanks for the inspiration!




Just popped by for my daily dose!

Its summer vacation time soon! Are your daughters excited? My son can hardly wait!



I love your craft keep doing it
Cristina from Italy


Well deserved to win the contest, very well deserved indeed. I'm a huge fan of Jennifer Paganelli's fabrics too......... to actually own some of them would be wonderful........
Vanessa xxx


Hi From a very wet rainy England i found ny way to your lovely blog so will pop in often Kieren x


Your work is beautiful. The colors are so happy and bright. I am anxious to see the pillow cases.

Congratulations on winning the contest.



Are you surprised you won? Your work is the "most beautiful" in blogland! I am in total awe of you!


Hi! I enjoy crocheting your flower squares. I've linked to your pattern on my blog, but i've had a few questions about translating the pattern to Norwegian. Can I do that? I will of course name you as the designer and link back to your blog.



I have the same problem with fabric. I love all JP and can never decide on just one or two that I can afford. Congratulations. Your work is beautiful. I just found your blog and love it. (: ~ Page


Those were gorgeous. So totally deserving WIN!!

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