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May 25, 2009



Good luck, love the colourful piccie. xxxx

A Thrifty Mrs

Good luck.

Thanks for showing us your beautiful snap.


yes, goodluck. I've just found your blog and I like it ever so much.


awww, what a sweet beautiful photo. so inspiring!!

Tickled Paisley

What a beautiful photo! The pillow cases are so pretty. Good luck w/ the computer...mine isn't being very nice either.

amy faldet

Light, luck and wishes come true to you dear! Blessings from Amy

Lavender Dreams

What a pretty bed! I am still enjoying my heart pillow SO much! Thank you!


Ahhhhh!! Save your photos!! Quick!...i hate lost photos...xo

PilliPilli Handmade

I wish you luck!

Computers are fun as long as they work without hickups. Otherwise that get extremely anoying... 'know all about it. Unfortunatly!


Good luck with your computer hunting, I don't envy you that task.
Those cushions are gorgeous, got my colour fix for the day now, thank you!
Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


The pillowcases are verry pretty! and good luck with compter hunting etc.

Rebecka Ryberg Skött Vintage Fairy Tales

I love all your coloures!


oh poor you, gorgeous photo though I love your photos, so pretty and colourful!!
felicity xx


What gorgeous colours in this photo. I do love your work ... someone give this gal a book deal!!!!!


What a beautiful site you have! I am visiting you via Lucy's Attic 24, and will surely stop in again.

I very much like your color sense, and you sense of fun.



good luck!
just found your blog, and it is very inspiring. love your obvious joy in bright colours!


that bed looks like such a magical place to sleep...imagine the dreams!


What adorable cases!

I hope your computer's on the mend! Whew, we sure need them these days, don't we?

We live south of you, just a few hours, in Washington State... We love our visits to both Victoria and Vancouver.



Love your blog, I hope you have good luck on finding the perfect computer.
Keep Stitchen'


Very very sweet as usual!!!! I could spend so much time looking at all of your creations!!!! Best of luck with computer shopping.......I got a new mac book and LOVE IT!!!! It is very magical!

jacoline (lien)

Good luck , I love to see more pictures!!

Twins' Garden Style Blog

This is so cute! I love the colors!


Lovely pillows...

Erica K

Did you paint that matryoshka on the wall?

Beata Basik wrote:

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