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April 24, 2009


jessica Levitt

These are fantastic. Like I'm ready to run out and get a book on crochet right now. Seriously you've inspired me...


Can't help it - have to keep coming back to your blog for another dose of those lovely colours. Gorgeous!


You have done it again! What color saturation and beauty! I love it!!
~Emily xx


Wow!! Those pillows are absolutely kind of colors...I love them!!!

Happy harris

Wow - these are stunning...beautiful colours honey, would you mind if I blogged about them?

Your work is so neat, I love it - will you be restocking your etsy shop soon? let me know please when you do :)

Love Happy xx


Beatiful !!!!!


Yum. Yum. Yum.
I want to live in that bed.


I followed you here from My Paper Crane, just wanted to say hi and thanks for posting the pattern for these gorgeous squares! I have so many odd balls of yarn I never know what to do with, so I'll definitely be giving this a try :)

red tin heart

So delightfully beautiful..You have a real talent.
xoxo Nita <3


Hi there, I've gave you an award over on my

sarah n.

Absolutely beautiful!!


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I think I've died and gone to heaven! These are just stunning! I've been crocheting away myself, but it's going to be very hard not to drop my current blanket, and abscond to your pattern! Stunning, simply stunning, and makes me feel sooooooooo happy! Thank you for the pattern, very generous of you!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


I'm Cris from Italy love your style your pillows are beautiful I wish I could do something like that


Wow, these are truly spectacular. I didn't know crocheting could be so fun and funky.

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What a beautiful pillowcases. It is perfectly great to give to my mom. She loves florals. Thanks.



Wow! the last photo looks absolutely beautiful!


stunning. I can't get over how beautiful these are.


The are AMAZING beata! OHH MY.....sorry for drooling all over them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your blog is lovely! And these are the most wonderful pillow covers I have seen, and I would love to have them on my couch! Just perfect colors!!!

Many greetings from Finland!


Niki Jackson

Wow! I just found your blog and love your creations and homemaking! Niki xxx


I am in love with these, and have queued them up on ravelry.

Rose Campagne

Absolutely splendid !!!!


Wonderful! Love also the quilt!


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Hi, I've been learning to crochet especially so I can do pillows like yours!! Are you able to tell me where I could find a pattern to make that square?? I don't know what to call it!! They are divine, really really lovely.

deb xx

flower Philippine

Stunning color and design!



this is so beautiful. you are an artist.

gift to the Philippines

Oh' seems so interesting! I don't know how to make snitches. Wish I can also learn that. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


Dirkie du Plessis

they are beautifulllllllll booootifuuullll.! Can I please have the pattern.


This is just so pretty I just love all the bright colors. Thank for the tutorials.. Jude

creative recreation

I have been looking through your blog, I love your projects they are so cute and the fabric projects are awesome.Thanks for sharing,

Julia T

Thank you! I'm working on an "African flower" baby blanket and crocheted your flowers on one side of some of the hexagons, for a little 3-D cuteness.


colours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fantastic! so much work


Oooh I love these. I've been wanting to make a granny square afghan for a while, but these flowers are just adding to my desire! Love the colours too!

Laura Penna

I am drooling over those floral crochet pillows. I found your pattern so I will attempt... Not sure I will be able to nail it though, you have an amazing talent with colour!


these are so gorgeous ive just started crocheting, and seeing something this bright and modern looking is very inspiring, not long until my friends are asking for one id say :)


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I don't crochet so I would LOVE to buy them...any ideas?


Would you be willing to share your pattern for these? I am so in love, and just happen to have some scrap yarn in similar colors I was wanting to use in a way to enhance my soon-to-be new daughters room. Thanks!!!

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns

Beautiful! I love how well your crochet pillows match the quilt.

שיווק באינטרנט

Awesome floral tutorial shared by you. I like your creative way to make such design and wonderful patterns. Thanks for sharing this one.


Do you have a pattern of thes lovely crochet pillows?


how adorable!

Jill Norwood

Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, stunningly happily gorgeous! Love it!


Just found your site. These cushions are so beautiful! I want to learn to crochet just so that I can try making this! Love the colours. Just amazing!




FABULOUS!!! I'm going to do this!!! Absolutely marvelous!


Where can I get a pattern for the flowers?

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Nice to be here and see your post!

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