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March 01, 2009


isabel f.

lucky, lucky girls :DDD
congratulations!! :)
i'm so sad, I didn't win ;((
next time, i'm sure :))
hugs, and keep doing beautiful things :DD


Yippi-kay-YEAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! :-)

I won, I won, I won, I won, I won!!!!!! I´m jumping with joy here: How great is this??! I NEVER win anything. But this time I did - how did that happen??? :-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The rafflegods must have been with me, and I appreciate it soooooo much.

(But now what do I do? Do I e-mail you with my adress, or...???)

Can´t wait for my new fave heart to find its way to the new home. I´m gonna love it - and I´m gonna kill the dog, if he thinks he can use it for a pillow! ;-)


Congratulations Ladies!!! By the way I love the bowl that you drew from very artsy! Have a wonderful day..

Lavender Dreamer

I am SO excited! I couldn't believe my EYES! I've been outside taking snow pics so my eyes are blurry! heehee! Thank you SO much! What a wonderful surprise! YAY! And congrats to Kirsten! WHAT FUN!


Lucky ladies! It's so nice that you did a giveaway, though, because there's always that period of time, between the commenting and the drawing, where everybody gets to be a their own daydreams! I enjoyed my time there. :)


congratulations to the winners! they sure are luckey!

Lori Holt

Lucky girls!! I just now found your blog so too late to enter. Oh well, maybe next time!


Thanks Beatta for the generous giveaway


Congratulations ladies!! :)

I also wanted to let you know that I'm doing a painting challenge over at the blog, and thought you might be interested. hugs!



Quel talent! Même ton tirage au sort est de toute beauté!Un tourbillon turquoise...Bon retour et bravo aux gagnantes!!Congratulations to Lavender and Kirsten!


wow wow wow i also want present, i also wan..
kekeke, nice reading ur blog here. i found it thru attic24 webpage.


congrats! I just found your blog. Beautiful creations!


Lucky winners to have you send them a warm heart in the post!!!!

Lavender Dreamer

IT'S HERE! I received a BIG BOX in the mail today and I am DELIGHTED! I HUGGED my sweet pillow! I love it and will post a picture on my blog soon! It looks so pretty on my dark green comforter! PERFECT! You are SO sweet and I sure hope you are having a good week so far!
Stop by when you can for my surprises!


Hi Rosehip, I have just found your blog and beautiful things that you make. I found you on Etsy shop but all the items are sold. I hope I see and hear some more about you. Loved the Babushkas and the fab hearts.Suzy from Amsterdam


Hi again Beata.
I´ve just received my beautiful new heartshaped pillow by mail - and I love it :-)
You simply made my day! Thank you so much :-)
Hugs, Kirsten from Denmark


How does one get their hands on Polish costumes, like in the picture in the link ("these")? At least, I am looking for the skirt part. I must be using the wrong search terms. I like the skirts that are like a floral toss or floral spray on a solid background. I wonder if they are wool challis. But the ones that I've seen with vertical stripes are nice also. These few I've seen for purchase on-line are really expensive. Any suggestions?

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