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March 10, 2009


Lori Holt

Hi Beata!
I've just recently found your blog and I think its so fun. I love your fabric choices and your taste in color. Your favorite green is mine too. I look forward to following more of your posts.


I want everything in that photo! Just beautiful.In fact I'm printing it off for my inspiration book.
Please,please put some of your cushions in your shop and let me know before everyone snaffles them up!
What colour is the green paint? It would be perfect for a project I have in mind.


so glad to know that i am not the only one who sees the beauty in little piles of stuff! i have a little thing going on with that green these days too...


Maybe you were 'blah' last week, but your photo shouts color and happiness today!


We're sortof in a funk this week too. I think it's spring break. Totally throwing me off my groove (not that I mind being able to sleep in in the mornings)!

I'm working on some patchwork lately too, but nothing near finished. I've been spinning and dyeing the yarn in springy colors.

Love the pillows! :)


beautiful! glad this cheered you up.


Well dearie..........♥I truly ❤love,❥Love❧ *LOVE*❦ them!
Little Babushka (who came from you long ago) and I would love to be in line for one of those Wonderful-Hearts-Of-Lovely-Colours as soon as you have them in your shoppe! Just let me know when they arrive.
(((hugs))) Carolyne


Yay for you and your coverlets! Doesn't it feel wonderful to complete something you had started awhile ago...which might have been set aside for a perfectly good and practical reason and which has been waiting patiently for your return? I have been rediscovering some quilt tops I had started long ago...2008, even 2007...and I feel so tender toward them. Completed at last are the quilts for my nieces! Being quilted right this minute is my darling chicken wall-hanging. A wee bit closer to being a quilt is the jillion-blocks-of-Civil-War fabrics king-size quilt. I hope you'll keep us updated on your projects and creations. Your coverlets, pillows, and those precious babushkas are inspiring.


you are soooo ultra talented...just added you to my blogroll forgive the delay...


Great picture, and after a week like this... things will only get better!

Lavender Dreamer

I love your choice of colors, too! And I hope you feel good this weekend and that we both get some zip in our steps! heehee!


Hi Beata, you have won the edging in my giveaway. Please send me your address and I'll post it off.

zia meadows

what a cute picture- do you know I dont even have a heart cushion, which is another thing I have to make!


wow, love everything in that picture, I think you can never have enough of those lovely hearts cushions :-)


The pillows are lovely and the poppy painting...ooooh! Fantastic!

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