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March 17, 2009


Lavender Dreamer

How precious she is! Such a sunny lass! Happy St. Patty's day to you my friend!


Bonne saint Patrick à vous!


Happy clover day to all of you. Nico looks amazing! You are an inspirationally crafty mom, Beata. It was fun to see you on the soccer pitch - coach forfeited last game at 4 due to a team of crying, frozen 10 year olds. On to field hockey now....


What wonderful photos (as usual!) If you have a second, could you tell me how you made that collage. Your daughter is such a sweetie.
Love to you,
Jane (posy)
Any chance you'll be making anymore heart cushions? x


Oh, what a lovely wee lass! I would dance a jig in such a dress as well!

Jean C.

Ahhhh, Tis sweet she looks in the native dress! And with the red of hair... and the freckle of face...and the sweet grimmer in her eye... sure and she will be catching the boys eyes before long! Her father needs to aquaint himself with a baseball bat soon I be thinking! LoL....
Sweet pictures!


my daughter does irish dancing her dress is much more modern and easy to dance in. the dresses they wear now arent really what i would call traditional but i do love what u have made for your daughter i think its very irish indeed.
if you want to see some dresses that the girls wear now go to please be warned the prices are scarey heheheh.

Lavender Dreamer

I posted pics of my beautiful pillow this morning! Hope you can stop by! Thanks!


Your daughter looks gorgeous. Was interested to learn that her name is Nicola. Am I correct in thinking that it is an unusual name in your country. My daughter is also called Nicola and it not a common name here in Australia. Of course I think it's a lovely name.

Monique Ruta Howat ( yep.. hubby has Irish also ! )

Beata !
Your daughter is beautiful.
What fabulous and mischievous smile.
It's easy to get the feeling that your family gives you great joy .. I'm happy that you love who you are, and what you do.. and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.
I still pop in to your blog to catch up : )

Your ol' childhood friend.. Monique


such a pretty dress and a pretty young lady!


Your daughter is an absolute cutie-pie! I can see a little bit of mischief in the smile! She looks just darling in that sweet Irish dress momma made. You are so talented Beata!


Beata, you officially have a place to stay when you come to Ireland. You must come to the North, it is often overlooked but now the tourism is beginning to take off here and people are realising what it has to offer. I love the overdress, and the mischievious look on your little one's face looks very Irish to me !


How I love that little smile! Sweet... and a bit mischievous maybe.


What a fabulous dress! I am sure that your daughter loves it, and looked the best dressed kid in school!

star trek

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I came across your blog from Philigry, and just fell in love with the Irish dress! LOVE IT! What a perfect little St. Patrick's Day frock.


She looks every bit one quarter Irish! What a cutie!


What a sweet wee lassie! The Irish runs deep in our family, BIG Irish Catholic family. Love your photos, as always!


Btw, my son's name is Patrick so St. Patrick's day is a very big holiday in our house too!

La buhardilla de Lo

Your daughter is very precious. It seems happy with her beautiful dress.
Kiss from Spain


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