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February 20, 2009


barbara brown

oh how generous of you. i think my favorite is the creamy one in the back.
barbara brown


Those are darling...I love all the color combinations! I would just love to have one to squeeze and hug, your pick.


My 3 & 5 year-olds Love the pink one with red border (why wouldn't they? It's that age where everything pink is so Fabulous!:-)
I have to say I like it as well. And the turquoise with red trim is nice as well:-)


What a clever idea! I love the pink with red but I know 4 and 1/2 year old daughter would love it even more!


The Robin's Egg Blue is my favorite... and how sweet of you!

jessica daisy

just beautiful! The pink cable knit with the red, would look gorgeous in Ella's room.


oh how kind of you.... I would like the red one with pink trim.... fingers crossed :)

Lavender Dreamer

How exciting! I love the solid RED heart...or the lilac with red trim! They are all so beautiful that it's hard to choose! You are so sweet...spreading happiness!


I think the slightly cabled pale blue one with the pale edging that is sort of in the middle...


I just discovered your blog yesterday and everything is so pretty! :) What a neat idea for a giveaway! It's hard to say, but I think I like the one in the back that looks like it's made from a white cable-knit with red trim! These are all adorable, though.


I like the hearts (esp the cable knit ones) but I LOVE the babushkas and had I known they were going to sell like hotcakes I would've postponed my trip to the zoo last Friday. When I got home--before noon Pacific time--they were all gone! Oy! I even subscribed to your etsy store in my Google reader only to be robbed by all the other, more dedicated folks. Such is life. Ever thought about making and selling a pattern?


I like the red one with the pink border! You make beautifull stuff!

Angie H.

Oh My Gosh! How great is this....someon will win one of these awesome hearts! I love the turquoise cable with the red edge.

Thank you for letting me enter.

Angie H.


I just love a red/pink combo.
So I choose the red one with bright pink around the edges.
Andi :-)


I like the lovely cream cable knit one at the back, but the green one has also caught my eye.


I love your hearts so much, the colors are great!
Many greetings


I think, if I had to choose, it would be the all red heart as it reminds me of the colour of the rosehips I collected last autumn in our English hedgerows... bright, red and beautiful.

Kristin ramberg

How hard too pick! But I love the pink with red trimming the most.. Beautiful pillows, beautiful blog!!


oh they are all beautiful anyone would be lucky to have one (me included ;-) )
Lesley x

anita Wood

Wow - even before I read that you were parting with one I drew breath and said they're gorgeous. they really are GORGEOUS. I love the pinky purple one with the grey trim is beautiful. Thanks for a super giveaway

Tilly Rose

oh how do you choose from so many so nice... i think it would have to be the blue one with the red trim as this would match my bathroom..... thanks you and everything crossed...


lori marie

i love every single one. i couldn't possibly choose a fave.

sure hope i win!


They are all just lovely. It is too hard to pick a particular one!

Darling Petunia

The blue one with red trim, right up front! Cath Kidston colors!


I think it's my love of SouthWestern jewlrey...ya know, bright turquoise with amazing coral that leads me to believe the turquoise and red heart is the best!!! I LOVE those colors together. Gorgeous hearts, as soon as I saw the edges on the photo I thought what a brilliant idea.

Kathy Dixon

I like the red heart with hot pink trim the most, though it was hard to decide on that one as they are all lovely. This is the prettiest blog I have ever seen. I just sent an email to Victoria Magazine with your blog address requesting them to do an article featuring you and your work. I hope they contact you. Your work is beautiful and your Babushkas are stunning!

Chistina J.

I like the charcoal grey one. So pretty!


I love the pink with red ... It's a good idea !


Oh, I love your work so much! Thank you for the chance to win a heart - I do so love them. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


I love each and every one of them! But my favorite is the blue one right in front with the red trim. So sweet of you to give us a chance at winning one of these!! Your creations just make me happy!!

isabel f.

WOW!!I really love the blue heart with red trim, or the red heart with pink?red? trim :DD
well I guess I love them all :))
count me in, please ! :)
hugs Isabel

Cristina and Amanda

I love the purple one with lavender trim up front!! My 5 year old girl agrees... though the lavender with cream trim (hiding shyly behind other hearts) looks lovely too - oh well, they are all desirable.


They're Darling! So cuddly-looking.

OK, so I prefer the ones that are a bit more monochromatic (less contrast between the heart and the trim) I like the purples best, then the turquoise, then red, then green. Not so much the blue and grey, although that's just me



You are so sweet. Your hearts makes me want to crochet. I love the pale blue heart with the pale blue/green trim. Clarice


Oh my. To choose one, impossible! They are adorable.... twist my arm? #1 red cabled with matching border....#2 Light grey cable with red edge...#3 ~ anything else!!


Oh, my they are all so pretty; but my favorites are the green heart and the blue one with the white trim. Pretty!!!!!


They are so beautiful. Of course I want one. I'd take any.


Wow I love love love them all the red one is awesome! Id love to make them myself! Crossing my fingers and toes:) Blessings...

Anne M

I love the pink cable knit one with the red trim. A whole pile of them like in the that would be great. Thank you for sharing!


The hearts are gorgeous, count me in please, a heart like that is always welcome.


I lobe the soft pastel pik one!


Gee, it's hard to decide. I like the all red one best, but they're all lovely...


What a wonderful giveaway - I love green so am crossing my fingers that I will be lucky enough to win one!!


I just found your website and really enjoyed it so much - I added it to my Favorites right away!

It's very generous of you to offer your hearts - they are all so beautiful! The gray heart with the red trim made me think of someone who doesn't have a love of their own right now, but is ready for love. That's my favorite - thank you for sharing your hearts!


I love the Aqua blue but the red would be sooooo cute in my family room! Fingers crossed!


They look so pretty all bunched up together like that! How lovely! I really like the purple with the red border. Thank you for such a nice giveaway!

Rachael Rabbit

They look so beautiful - what a wonderful array of felted sweaters you had to work with.

Mrs Bun

Your hearts are just stunning. I look at one colour and think I like that best, but then my eye wanders to another ... They are all simply gorgeous how could I choose. If I did win, I think I would need the decision to be made for me.

Mrs Bun


Wow I love them all, I just bought a new home and i think the grey one with the red border would look great on the pink couch in my home!
Very generous of you, I have got my fingers crossed!
Greetings from the netherlands!


Gorgeous!! My favourite is the pale pink with the red trim.
Fingers crossed in Australia!!

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