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February 14, 2009



Your posts have been extremely colorful and pretty lately, Beata. Love your babushka mosaic and your hearts look so pretty against the whiteness of your room.


Wow! They look amazing against the white. What a fun idea.


the most loveliest yours!!!!!
much love from germany,
happy valentine,
silke ;-)


Too bad, I miss them ALL?! WOW, they went fast! I checked in twice, and they weren't listed, and then they were gone as soon as you did list them, I guess! THEY ARE ADORABLE! Love the heart pillows, too. So sweet! Happy Valentines Day,

patricia fontes

Pictures are amazing and those pillows are to die for! They are SO nice!!!!! congratulations!


The pillows are delightful. Have a wonderful Happy Heart Day! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Linda Jordan

I too missed your Babushka sale but live in hope that you will have another. They are only beautiful as are your heart pillows. How long does it take you to make one of these? Stunning. You are so gifted, I love the startling vibrant colour against the white of your home. Beautiful.


Wow - everything you make turns out beautifully!! Love these pillows!!

Sarah Hickman

Can't wait to meet my babushka when she arrives in the UK! It was very tense in our house as I tried to buy one after another only to find someone beat me to it each time I reached the checkout! I finally got one on the 5th attempt! Your heart cushions are just as unique and beautiful, maybe they could find their way to etsy too?!


Have you slept in the past week Beata? Oh my goodness, that's a lotta hearts! I could just dive in and sleep on all that felted wool - they look fabulous in the photo and I bet the girls love them. Inspiring work, as always. - k

nathalie usual the little girls are gone in a pinch. i got so caught up with life that i forgot about the sale. well, next time. i love these pillows. i started felting sweaters and i hope to used them soon on some projects you are my inspiration as usual!!!! hugs and happy week!

Julie (Knitsational)

those pillows are so sweet! I love all the different color combos.


Darn! I checked several times on your at your etsy store and never saw your babushkas listed. Can I order one? Love the colors!

Mrs Bun

What a gorgeous blog. Really glad I've found you - I'll definately be back to visit some more.

Lavender Dreamer

I love your beautiful creations and your blog so much! I just found it tonight and want to put a link to it on my blog. I love making things with felt! I just wish I could find more patterns! Can't wait to see what you make next!


Ohhh....these heart pillows are really wonderfull. Your kids are lucky kids!!!
It's a pitty...I was to late for one babushka

jacoline (lien)

What a post, so colourfull, it's great!! Well done


Wow, I really dropped the ball on this sale, I went to your shop and thought oh I will get a babushka today, and alas there was none to be had, so I continue to search and search and still no babushka's, I am so happy for your success and so sad for my missing the sale! Oh well I will have to be quicker next time, have a wonderful day! Diana


I was so cross that again I missed it, I was even on that day, but alas. The cushions are fab Beata, really funky.


all of your pictures are so beautiful. i love everything you have made! those heart pillows look great on that sofa!


your pictures are amazing!

Lee McCulloch

Love the heart pillows! Hard to say which is the prettiest! I do love the aqua cable one tho! You are very talented!


I heart these hearts..These would love lovely in my living...Aqua and the apple green ones are my favorites...

Ca Ca

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
I love the purple, pink and red
one too !
Love Ca Ca 7 yrs old x


is this your living room? i love your decorating.


Hi there! I'm just starting a blog and mentioned your hearts. Check it out!

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