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February 02, 2009


barbara brown

i am glad you are feeling better. i hope your children feel better soon. my kids have spread it out amongst themselves, so we are still in it on day 11 and still counting. i hope i don't get it.
anyway, i love all the color. your babushkas look like a beautiful spring flower photographed like that. just beautiful.
barbara brown

carole alienor

Quelle ronde merveilleuse !


Oh my, I love each and every one of them! Hope everyone at your house is feeling better soon.


how the heck am i supposed to choose just one? i mean i could choose 5 or 6 easily.......seriously......xo


Pretty, pretty babushkas!! Beautiful photos.

kitschen pink

Better than a bouquet of roses! Just beautiful! t.x


oh my !
do you want us all in a fight or... ?!!!!!!! LOL


so sorry you have not felt good and now the kids have a stomach bug. argh! i hope you all feel better very quickly! i can't wait to see these girls making their way to the shop. i think my pretty one needs a sister! they are looking beautiful as usual!!!

Rachael Rabbit

This is a big basket of beauty!


utterly adorable and I think you should sell a print of this basket, it makes me so happy to see it.


wow, beata - great shot! those gals are so sweet.
hope your other gals are feeling better soon!
xo e.

the homely year

Hi, hope you're all feeling much better now.
Love the babushkas...they're adorable!
Margaret and Noreen


How lovely! My 2 year old is not a big doll fan but she shouted dollies when she saw that picture.


Adorable! I can decide which one is cuter and prettier...

Come for a visit now - I'm trying to help spread the word about a fabric giveaway!

karen tsui

It just put a BIG smile on my face with your babushka bouquet!!!


Your dolls are all so pretty. You do a really lovely job. Hope you feel better already!


Ooooh, I was on etsy today looking to see what you had, thought I had missed them. I really love the heart cushion. Very inspiring.


wow they look lovely :)


Oh, these are just so delightful! I hope I don't miss your posting these on Etsy...keep hoping they'll pop up soon :-)


what a wonderfull picture! what a wonderfull baboushka's!


I want them ALL! lol!


So Glad to hear you are feeling better and hope the kids get better quick for ya!
All of your dolls are so darling-they will sell fast I am sure!~Have a fun week~Smiles~Tam!

Chris Jeffery

The faces look very charming. They're not the type that would scare some kids away, though my kids fancy the ones they can play dress-up with. Still, these would look good piled up among their pillows.

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