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January 29, 2009



I hope you are feeling better very soon. I can certainly empathize as our weather fronts can make me miserable with sinus trouble and achy joints. Take care and drink good hot tea. The pillow is so adorable. I hope you will share your process with us when you are on the mend. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Julie (Knitsational)

I LOVE the pillow!

barbara brown

i love the heart, such lovely colors. nice and cheery, just what you needed it sounds like. i just learned to knit this week. come see what i knitted on my blog. i hope you feel better.

PilliPilli Handmade

Very LOVEly indeed, that pillow! That reminds me that I should soon get started too... Valentine is a fantastic occasion to whip out some extra red and pink!

Get well soon! We promise to be patient...

Best wishes,


Glad the fog has cleared- there is nothing more depressing! Even rain is better. The new cushion is fab!


I found you through Lulu Carter. I LOVE your stuff! Totally inspired.


it's an adorable pillow and it would also be very beautiful with other colour combinations!


those darn migraines! adore the pillow...i am a heart lover xo


So sorry to hear that you didn´t felt well and I so much hope you will recover very soon.
What I definitely love is your new cushion, it´s marvellous and indeed the perfect Valentine gift. Or in my case would make a lovely mother´s day gift - so may I ask you, whether you have knitted it or is it made out of a sweater? Is there any instruction for it in a book, or is it your own design? It is so very beautiful that I have already marked it to make a similar one, too, one day.
Have a great weekend with lots of sunshine in your heart to keep away the headache,
with my very best wishes,


That's WONDERFUL! Is it felted?


Very cute pillow! I am gettin in the Valenitnes mood too. I have a sweater just that color, but it still fits so I think I'll leave it as a sweater for now. Much more of my mom's chocolate cake though...


I hope you are feeling well again soon! The valentine pillow was a fabulous idea!!! So pretty!

Lynda aka Miss Prudence Knits

Ahhhhhh! I LOVE this pillow. I have been promising myself for years to learning cables, now I absolutely HAVE too! Is it felted and cut into a heart shape or is it knitted this way. Or have you been way too cleaver and virtuous too and recycled a lovely old woolen jumper (hey I have an idea for a lovely jumper too small!) THanks!


Gorgeous pillow, and so creative as always Beata. Thanks for sharing! Lets have tea soon - Krista


I am waiting with bated breath, for the babushkas to be in your etsy shop I have a freind who is ukrainian and hasnt been well for a long time now and I would love to send her please let us know when they will be ready for sale?
I love your craft and I get migraines too...they are awful! hope youre better soon.
cheers Krissie


You made this pillow lovely!
Hope you feel a bit better!


Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one (is it a comfort ?!) I have migraines exactly for the same reasons (and asthma to fog) and I'M EAGERLY WAITING FOR THESE GIRLS to have their photos taken so that i can this time try & buy one !!!
All you do is candy for the eye !


Imagination is such a miraculous thing and you have it in abundance! This is so sweet and precious, thanks so much for sharing! I hope your migraine feels better soon. Whenever I get a bad tension headache, I microwave these lavendar neck wraps - after 4 or 5 heat wraps over about an hour, the headache disappears. The ones I get are made from DreamTimeInc. ( They even have a migraine wrap. The lavendar scent is very soothing.


que arte,precioso,,perdona ,soy bettina caracoch.mi pequeños placeres bettina.

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