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January 06, 2009



It was a white Christmas, wasn't it? I'm glad you got to just kick back and be cozy for a while. Happy New Creative Year :)


Happy New Year to you, Beata!
I regret giving away my babushkas (except one) so I'm looking forward to getting more.


Happy New Year! I am looking forward to seeing your ideas come to fruition in 2009!


Zest is that what I am feeling-is that it? Oh okay! I am in the burb's of Seattle -foothills that are getting soupy too! I have had enough of all of that stage of winter-it has been too long this year! I think your dolls are so cute-looking forward to seeing this new batch! Good luck with 2009! ~Smiles~Tam!

kitschen pink

no. 334! Hee hee! I've read so many amazing resolution lists in blog world that I have been overwhelmed and have not yet managed to start mine!! t.x


Happy New Year! You may have a hard time keeping up with no. 245 - they are too cute to stay in your Etsy shop for long! ~Kelly


I am so excited - I've wanted to get one of your babushka's for so long. Keep us posted as to when they will be available.


I'm packing up and heading back to Hawaii in the near future, and my little one is most definitely making the cut. She's so sweet! :p

Happy New Year!


your babushka's are so adorable! such lively colors- i bet you have a blast making them. can't wait to see more in your etsy shop. one of my new year dreams is to keep my etsy shop stocked more regularly as well. good luck to you! -emily


Ha. New years resolution #568...take more time to comment on blogs.


happy new year! loved reading your blog. I am excited to see what 2009 will bring!


No excuses necessary - glad you're back - the dolls look great!


so happy to see this little face! lord, you have more resolutions than i do! lol!!! so glad you had such a wonderful time. we have a lovely Christmas time as well. 2009 will be a great year!


Oh, lovely! I'm so excited to see your little babushkas!

And you perfectly captured how I felt about the holidays--I wasn't ready to see them go, but once they did and we settled into the new year and our usual routine, I felt ready and even energized for it all.

How I love each part of the year and how it all fits together and keeps moving along...


Hi Beata, after a cr*p 2008 I hope 2009 is much better, although I am missing my buddy big style and am not sure how I can enjoy it. However I have lined up projects that will keep me very busy, so hopefully we will all muddle through. Looking forward to seeing what creative inspiration you throw our way this year. I hope 2009 is good to you and yours.


Zest... no, just january!

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