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January 19, 2009



They are coming along so nicely! Very cute_Can't wait to see them plump! LoL!


we love our girl we have here...she might need a friend! i think you'll be hearing from me :) xo


Absolutely beautiful! I just recently discovered your blog & LOVE it!

carole alienor

Un petite coucou juste pour te dire que je continue à passer régulièrement ici et que c'est toujours un plaisir de voir tes photos et tes réalisations.
A bientôt


Beautiful as always. I love my 2. My question is how do you get your stitching so even and your thread so perfectly around the edges with your blanket stitch? I've tried this on several projects and I am not getting my stitching to look like yours. I love to blanket stitch projects. So what is your tip? Anything. Your technique is just so amazing.


Very gorgeous but rather in need of a feed.
Can't help being a Jewish mother!
Andi :-)

Julie (Knitsational)

Either way they're adorable! I love your fabrics.


Oh, so, so, pretty! ~Kelly


I just saw these on your Flickr, so cute!! I have a "thing" for matryoshkas. Your blog looks lovely!


Again, they're looking good. Love the twisted cords they hang from - did you make the cords as well?


Adorable! So, I'm new to your blog. Are these for sale??

I love the way the word babushka sounds when I say it. :)


They look beautiful :: extremely photogenic ladies your Babushkas, even if they are lacking in plumpness!


they are son pretty !!!

mags and me

just found your blog your girls are way to beautiful look forward to seeing the plump ones or fuller figure....


I cant remember how i found your blog, but i love your photography, your fabrics, and your super neat stitching, how do you get it like that?!

I must read back over your previous posts, i love that your blog is colourful!

Aqeela xx


How wonderful to see them all gathered together like this. What a cheerful image to start the day with! Merci.

Peggy Murray

Hi, I have a mainly gardening blog but sometimes post about knitting etc.( in winter).I have tried crochet from time to time but have never followed a pattern.While blog surfing one night I came across your crochet flowers,Dec 2008 post.
I made a beautiful blanket for a new grandchild using your pattern.
I will be doing a post about it on Sun 25th. If you don't mind I will include a link back to your post. Thanks for sharing


Skinny or chubby, they are adorable and your pictures are spectacular.


Oh they are so cute!! Your pictures are very beautiful too! I just love babushkas!

Pilli Pilli Handmade


I Love! Love! Love! those girls..., Really well done... as always!

By the way, I've taken the liberty to tag you. (I hope you don't mind)

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Best wishes and good luck with your work!


they are fantastic!


Oh my, are they lovely, absolutely gorgeous. And they do also look like a lot of hard, but joyful work. I am completely in love with your new girls.
With my very best wishes,


I LOVE these! Beautiful photography too.


I adore these! Beautiful work!

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Impressive blog! -Arron

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