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December 21, 2008



What an amazing experience ... for the girls AND you!!!
My eldest starts school next year. I'm so looking forward to getting involved.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Andi :-)


It's great that you are able to pass on the skills (and obviously the passion) to the kids. My mum was a teacher and she used to teach the Primary 3 classes (7 to 8 year olds) how to knit - including the boys! It was amazing what she could make with one or 2 knitted squares!!


How Wonderful! I know how satisfying it is to nurture a few kids and marvel at how one can keep their interest, and then you get to watch the group grow. Good for you :)


Dear Beata,
can I come to your class, too, to be teached how to make this wonderful flowers? I really could understand why all those girls love to crochet! And what wonderful and surprising gifts, love them very much, so joyful, cheery and encouraging. You must be a gorgeous teacher.
Because here in Germany we are celebrating at the 24th of december already, I want to take the opportunity here to wish you a very Merry Christmas, happy and lovely days with your family. Delicious food and drinks, laughter and happy meetings. And all the best for the New Year, with lots of luck, health and sunshine.
With my very best wishes,


How wonderful! This is such a great gift that you are taking your time to teach these young girls something that will be so handy in all their days to come. Truly a blessing...;)


Wishing You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas!


don't forget to show us after:)


that is a great story!
merry christmas!

jacoline (lien)

What a great project. I love to work with kids, they are so pure. Great work!! have a meery Christmas, enjoy it.


this is so amazing and sweet! you are wonderful for taking the time to pass on a handmade tradition. the children will thank you and the other moms for taking the time to teach them something they will enjoy for years to come. when k gets to go to school i too plan to be involved in her school. hopefully we can incorporate some of these ideas. it is very sweet! for 2009 i plan to learn to crochet! my grandmother is a crochet genius and i so wish we lived closer. merry christmas!!!


What a wonderful thing you are doing...lots of children never get the chance to experience crocheting/knitting/sewing etc. in this busy world of ours.
I will be back to check out their bags in the New Year.
Your crochet classes sound wonderful and I love the Christmas gifts for your Crochet Club!

Wishing you peace and happiness for 2009.


How I would dearly love to be a part of your crochet club! And what a wonderful school to host such activities!

A lovely and cozy holiday to you as well, dear Beata.


Beata dear,
I am amazed by all your work you have done sinds last time I visited!! God heaven, your have fairy hands! I just ADORE your gorgeous flower squares. I truly wish I was able to read and understand your recipe. However, I am not good reading the Norwegain ones either. If I do crochet, I just do it by feeling. Last year I managed to make my ever first granny`s, I had a plan to make a really big wolly blanket. I never finnished. Gosh, I do regret that looking at your flower squares. At the moment everything is so bright and light here in my house and I do want a bit of colour. Just a lick of pastel green would have made a great difference. A blanket for my bedroom, yepp that would have been lovely. Thanks for Inspiring and making me feel so happy with your craftiness and pictures!
I wish you a very good 2009, may it be a year filled with success, good health and much much creativity! Happy days!

Hugs from Norway,
Aina Moderncountry


Wish you and yours a happy new year!!


...And now 2009! Happy new year Beata, I wish you a year with joy and gorgeous colors as in your blog!


This is just plain fun. I bet the girls loved their sweet sweet goodies! I looking forward to reading more about your little club! What a legacy you are passing on.



Love hearing about your crochet club. I've been thinking of offering to start a group at my DS's school for cross stitch or crochet or something like that, so it's good to read about your good experience.


What gorgeous images! I love the fact that the yarn is like the colour of the candy, bright and gorgeous, I imagine the two things will be inextricably linked now, which must be a great thing!
Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


Woops, I meant, in the above comment, that the two things must be linked in the children's minds! it's late here!
Vanessa xxx



The national needlearts association, has a program, where they will supply you with the instructions, yarn and crochet hooks (or knitting, or other needlework) to teach a school, group (such as girlscouts), etc. to knit or crochet or do needlepoint or embroidery.
it's free once a year, or once a semester.
i saw it on t.v. and told our local girlscouts leader and the woman at our church who teaches the 8-12 year olds crafts.
here is the url for the program. you could get a book, printed instructions, yarn and crochet hooks for your girls!!!
please make me six assorted pillowcases to thank me for this information.
hahahahaha. j/k.

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