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November 20, 2008



You just made my day - have been waiting for this pattern. Thanks a million!!


Thank you so much for this wonderful instruction. I´ve planned to make new cushion covers for our garden bench during the winter, some sewn and some crochetted, and your design is exatly the perfect pattern I was looking for. Now I really wish my day might have more hours,because a big and cozy blanket in your design would also be very very lovely, wouldn´t it?
Have a lovely weekend and once again, thank you very much,
best wishes, Suzi


Oh, so beautiful! If I were not in full sewing mode, I would LOVE to make one. Maybe I can convince my mom to make me one!


Beata, thanks so much for your patience and generosity in sharing yet another beautiful pattern with us! I made one square last night-in shades of purple with a green border, and am extremely pleased with the results! Thanks again! Blessings to you!


So pretty...the aquas and pinks are beautiful together....maybe I will try this during the winter looks difficult but I will practice. Thanks, Beata.

Carol - Australia

Thank you for the pattern. It was so kind of you to work it out for us. I can't wait to make it, love all your bright colours.
Many thanks again
Carol xx

the homely year

The flower squares look gorgeous...I'm really tempted to try them. It's ages since i did any crochet.
Margaret and Noreen

jacoline (lien)

Well done must be a lot of thinking and hard work. Thanks a lot!!!


Must learn to crochet!
Must learn to crochet!
Andi :-)


wow!! maybe someday i will take this up! sorry to hear about the computer problems! we had the same problem and had to get a new one. i wish these things lasted longer!!! many hugs!


I don't crochet, I've tried it, but I stink, but all I have to do is look at your absolutely beautiful little flower squares and I want to try again. The colours are amazing and I love all the texture, they look so yummy!!


wow. thank you so much (I can't make this my self, but luckily have a mum that can ;-)). absolutely gorgeous!


Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! This is the prettiest crochet flower afghan I've ever seen!


beautiful! smeday i will try!


Oh my, this is so gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I'm having a fairly major knee surgery this week and was looking for a crochet project to keep me distracted while recovering. I think I just found it :)



Thank you, thank you!! That's wonderful! I have to print and treasure it and dream that I will make it somedays! Bravo, it's so beautiful!!Your colors are fantastic!


Thank you for the tutorial! Can't wait to try it.


Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. It's so beautiful and also very easy to memorize. There's just one thing that's missing, though - a warning that it's pretty addictive. LOL.


Hi - I do have a couple of questions - What size hook and sport or 4 ply yarn?

found you from my paper crane and am anxious to try this pattern.




Probably a dumb question--but how do you make the actual pillow? How do you bind the crocheted square to fabric?



Sandy Barnes

I have just finished two squares of your pattern for my granddaughter an afghan. I absolutely love this pattern! It is so easy to understand! Thank you so much for sharing this and making it so easy for someone like me who has always had a hard time understanding most patterns. Also, I love the colors that you made your squares. And putting them together with that neutral color! I would have never thought to use that color, but that is what sets them off so beautifully!! Thanks again!!

Toni Crane

Thankyou for sharing your beautiful work with us. I have a little question though. . . I have no trouble making the flowers but can't seem to get the square right. I'm not sure if I'm hooking in the right place behind the flower because it just keeps buckling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That's a lovely pattern, I LOVE it! I just made a purple one with a pink centre and aa green background. It's soo cute! I'd love to make plenty more but I don't know how to attach them to eachother. can't you please make a post about how to do that, it would be gr8! :)

Tita Carré

Hi ,Have you a grafics this square?
I need this grafic, please help me...
goes for my email [email protected]
sorry for my english, I am learn...Kiss...

Melissa Stramel

I could also use a little help with joining the squares. I just found you from Jennifer Paganelli, and I'm a big fan. You made me get out my crochet hooks that have been put up since 2003! (When I was on bedrest for 3 months before my son was born.) I LOVE your crocheted edge pillowcases too. Thanks for all the ideas. Come visit me sometime. ( I'm a Moda Bake Shop designer.

Aisyah Helga

Thank you for this lovely pattern. I really love the colors you used. I've put a link on my blog to this pattern for crochet projects I'd like to make. I hope you'll get lots of visitors from Malaysia soon :)

Agnes Beleznai

Dear Rosehip,

Don't you have a tutorial on youtube? These works are beautful. Thanks for sharing.

Agnes from Hungary


I first saw this flower square pattern on etsy. It was made into the most beautiful bag! After seeing it and looking at the price $170 I got a serious case of the wanties. So I went on a search for the pattern and found yours on raverly. It is AWESOME! I have made a few of these and the pattern worked up perfectly. I will be linking to your pattern next week at I hope you don't mind? Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog. Happy New Year!

Melanie Hale

I have made about 50 of your beautiful flowers and squares but I cannot find a pattern for how you put it together?? Please, please tell me how you joined them!! It looks so unusual, is it braided?? Gorgeous pattern, my favorite by far!! Thank You!! ~Mea


I am also wondering how you joined and finished the blanket. It is beautiful!


These are so gorgeous that I have posted a link to them on my blog I hope you don't mind. I have recently learnt to crochet since joining a sewing & craft club. The club members really inspire me and I now want to create some lovely thing from crochet - I can't wait to get started on these beautiful flower sqaures. Thank you for posting the pattern!

Fawn Cockrum

I stumbled across this site and had to say I LOVE the basket of nesting dolls you have on your header!!
Did you make them???


Thank you for sharing this pattern! It's lovely and I like the colours very much. Regards from Holland; from Handysandy


very beautiful work...I have added this to my queue, thank you!

Jill R

I'm having a little trouble.... I cant seem to figure out where to attach it on the back.. If I do it through the steam of the single, my color shows through, it doesn't do that on any of your pictures or the pictures on ravalery.... What am I doing wrong?


for several years i have wanted to make this beautiful blanket. your use of colors are beautiful. is there a chance that you might know what colors and yarn you used in your blanket? thanks so much for sharing this beautiful blanket pattern.


Thank you for sharing this pattern! I am wondering how you joined and finished the blanket. Thanks!


Thanks so much. I made your other white blanket but as a throw for my daughter's love seat and now I am making pillows out of these flower squares. They are lovely. You are the best.


Thank you so much for working out the pattern. I just need to learn how to put the pattern into practice now. So far I can only read drawn patterns :( would so love to make this cushion.


Great tutorial thanks!!! Was wondering what size crochet hook you used? My lovely Mum is going to make some for me...


Thank you for sharing this pattern. Its beautiful. :)


Put crochet squares into my Google search and found your blog – yay – this is exactly what I want to make. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern!

Nynke Stone

Thank you for the nice and very clear tutorial.

It got me into making a bag of granny squares. It is so much fun to make those roses.

I liked your post so much that I put a link to it on my blog:

Laura Ivonne

Thank you very much for the pattern !! I've just posted the grannys with your link:
Cheers from Italy !!


I just finished making one of your little flower squares that I plan on sending in for the beautiful blogger blanket, it was heaps of fun and I absolutely love the flower it was the perfect square I was looking for can not believe I didn't come here first especially seem I am a regular reader and you are even on my blog roll. I did add 2 more round of granny instead of doing round 6 but I just love your pattern and thank-you so much for taking the time to write it out and make it available for free. xx


Thanks for this great tutorial. I've featured it in my blog:


I'm making a friend's granddaughter an afgan with all different flowered squares as the background, and her initials in one kind, date in another, etc. I was great to find yours which are soo pretty and versatile, since the insides and outsides can be in a myriad of combinations. Thanks! Starhawk

Joyce Raab

Just made my heart sing!



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