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October 08, 2008



A glass of scrumptious wine and a great soundtrack should do the trick. And what beautiful colours - just what I needed on a dull grey day. Cx


No tips I'm afraid - I'm just impressed you have ends to weave in. I am hopeless at crochet so I am always impressed by anyone who actually completes a project! I'd love to know how to do those flowers though - that may spur me on!
Cathy XX


It's a little late to tell you this, but try and weave as you go. Makes for a much less daunting task at the end. That being said, I am just over half way through a crochet ripple blanket and my ends are dangling.

Your colours are spectacular.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy


I use a large needle and just go for it. If you pop in a fun movie you can listen to without having to WATCH (maybe some favorite you've seen before) it will distract you while you finish your mindless task. Or should I say, mind-numbing task? tee-hee!


Have a big pot of chocolate bittons and eat one each time you weave an end in.


Your harvest is so delightful... so, don´t put the focus on the work (and sorry for my, still stupid, english).
I stumble in here, and I want to say, that your blog is simply beautiful.

LG (means something like that XOX)


I fear there is no easy way... it looks beautiful though, you must be happy with it.



I know the feeling...I don't like the weaving part either....I just do and get it over with....they are very pretty.

happy zombie

Simply adorable! I wish I had your mad skills.


this looks so amazing!!! i love the colors. and the flowers. i'm sure your daughter will loove her parisian bag.


I don't have any suggestions, but I wanted to tell you those are the most precious squares.~~Dee


No, sorry, I don´t have any tip to make this boring weaving in went faster, but I want to tell how that I am completely overwhelmed by this design and your colours. Just yesterday I´ve got the new Cath Kidston book and this is exactly what I´ve epxpected it to be but sadly wasn´t. So I promise, if you ever make a book of all your colourful and charming designs, I will be the first to pre-order it!
Have a wonderful sunday,
best wishes, Suzi


Sorry, no tips but I can't wait to see it when it's done... beautiful so far!


No, tips from me either! But, I wanted to tell you that I have missed your blog with its great color and creativity, so glad I am back!!!


you gotta come see what you inspired me to make!


Put on some fast music, I tend to work faster when the music is upbeat. That and think about all the cuteness you'll have when it's done!

jacoline (lien)

Looks so colour full !! Great


Hubs and I received an afghan made with the flowers you are showing here. The colors of my afghan flowers are red, yellow, blue on white. Your flowers are really pretty.



I really like what you do. For the tip : If it is a top of a cover, why don't you let it just like that. In french haute couture embroidery they just put some glue for fabrics and let threads in the wrong side of work... French tip...

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