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October 22, 2008



I know exactly what you mean, Beata. Then I tend to fret afterwards, worrying that I made some horrible mistake. The last pattern I posted was for a knit hexagon. Didn't I just finish writing it and blogger went down, losing my post forever. How terribly frustrating.

The colours in the blanket are quite superb. How many more squares do you have to do?

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy


Hi, I read your site almost daily, and it is lovely. I will wait very patiently for the pattern to be done. I would be happy to test, too. Is "mediocre beginner" one of the categories?


Your colours look so lovely. Looking forward to the costumes!


Those are really cute flowers. I tend to have a notepad handy when I write patterns, but it doesn't help because I get to writing it in a code only I can understand and if I don't work the pattern for a while, then even I don't understand what I've written. Yes, pattern testers would be great!


Beata, your photos are always so pretty and colorful....and I am excited to see your Halloween projects.


I love your sense of color and the beautiful combinations for the flowers! Thank you for the lovely, lovely visual treat! Now you can enjoy the fruits of your labors all winter long with the colors of the summer inside while it snows outside! Hot neet is that?! I wish I had your eye for color, it is truly amazing! You are so gifted!

Knitsational (Julie)

That is so beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product!


i tried making this flower granny square, and it's beautiful! thank you for posting the pattern. i was wondering if you can also post a pattern for how you piece together the squares? thank you! :-)

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