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October 17, 2008



It really looks wonderful. So colorful and bright. Really really love the colors you use!!!


Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration here, it makes for very interesting reading and is inspiring in itself!


The colors are beautiful... they made me smile, thank you!


Oh such beautiful colors - much like your flower afghan which I dearly love. I hope you are still planning in sharing the directions for the flower squares with us. Really you should consider writing a book - I know you would have many interested buyers!!


Your coverlet is SO BEAUTIFUL! All those gorgeous bold colours :)

Thanks for popping in and saying Hi yesterday. That was so cool, seeing that you came 'round from Decor8!

mary jane

Love this! or rather these. Don't you love it when you dare!


Oh I LOVE the bright colors!

kitschen pink

It's a good mantra which I like to use - "If in doubt, add another colour" - perfect! t.xx


I am so glad you´ve wrote this about the scraps and lots of colours, because I am also often more on the 'safe' side. One part of me wants to play with all of the colours I have, but there is also always a voice in my head which tries to tell me to stay with just a few. Therefore I am often uncertain, most of my blankets or cushions are only made in my mind, too dull with only the few and too bold with all of them for a real life. But your post encouraged me a lot, your blankets look definitely stunning and gorgeous, both of them!


ohh my goodness.....i love all of the colors!!! this is so bright, exactly how i would have made it....if i could knit or crochet. happy thursday!


Oh, gorgeous colors!


oooooooooooooh what a beauty...this colours let me fly!
thanks, love from germany, silke


So beautiful colours.... it looks great... :-)
Best regards


So beautiful colours.... it looks great... :-)
Best regards


So beautiful colours.... it looks great... :-)
Best regards


What a great find that Afghan was.............. wonderful that it inspired your quilt, which is, quite simply, absolutely beautiful!
Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

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